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Which fruit to eat in winter to replenish water can eat more of these six kinds of fruits

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 70% of the human body is made up of water, and the water in fruits supplements the human body's water demand. The water in food is different from that in skin care products. The water in fruits supplements the water in human body, including muscles, blood and other tissues. Skin care products can not replenish the water in the tissues below the dermis. It is only the epidermis or cuticle that softens the skin. Therefore, the use of water in food to replenish water is the real replenishment of the human body's internal water.
The choice of fruit, of course, the first choice of fresh and juicy, such as pears, water content is super large, bite down feel very thirsty. In addition, eat more sour fruit, such as kiwifruit, hawthorn, apple, citrus fruit. Because sweet and clear fruits are usually rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, which can moisturize the skin. Vitamin C can promote collagen synthesis and make skin moist and delicate. Vitamin E is a highly effective antioxidant, which can promote human metabolism, improve skin blood circulation and enhance cell vitality.
What are the fruits for replenishing water?
Citrus's mild personality makes it the king of fruit in autumn. Although citrus is found in every season, autumn is the best product to absorb the essence of the world. Its benefits need not be said much, just think of its fresh taste, it is enough to eliminate autumn dryness, refreshing.


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