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Sales Representative

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Industry Latest recruitment Position Latest recruitment
Department Vacancy 10
Area Default area Job Nature 类型
Gender 男士 Marriage 未婚
Education 学历 Experience None
Age 20yrs+ Salary More than 6000element/month
Updated 2019-04-03 Valid until Never Expire
 Assist key account managers in formulating and implementing a SMART customer plan to achieve business objectives under the guidance of key account managers.
Assist customer managers in maintaining and expanding customer relationships.
Do a good job of customer service, and maintain good relations with all factories and departments of group customers (purchasing, quality and other departments);
Collect customer information and update customer rolling monthly/weekly/daily sales plan regularly to ensure customer stable supply;
Follow up the order completion, shipment, and accounts, etc.
Assist customer managers to improve customer service and other after-sales services;
Maintain good linkages and cooperation with other departments within the company.
Complete other tasks arranged by superiors.
Over 2 years experience in food industry sales and technical services
Active and effective communication skills, strong expression and learning ability
Good affinity, analysis and judgment
Strong Customer Service Awareness
L Business savvy
Be responsible and proactive
Very strong team spirit, able to withstand pressure
Fluent in English
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