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Purchasing Supervisor - Fruit

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Department Vacancy 1
Area Default area Job Nature 类型
Gender 男士 Marriage 未婚
Education 学历 Experience None
Age All Salary More than 6000element/month
Updated 2019-04-03 Valid until Never Expire
 1. Rich supplier resources;
2. Deep understanding of fruit resources in various regions of China can be achieved independently by direct fruit harvesting in the producing areas.
3. Understanding the development trend of fruit planting in China can timely grasp the fluctuation of market price of the products purchased by the company, and control and optimize the purchasing cost by inquiring and comparing prices.
4. Ensure that the commodities are in place on time, in accordance with quality and in accordance with quantity.
1. Bachelor degree or above, with profound knowledge of fruit cultivation, more than 3 years of direct harvesting experience in fruit producing areas;
2. Familiar with the major fruit producing areas and large wholesale markets in China, strong negotiation ability and abundant supplier resources are preferred.
3. Be able to accept domestic travel.
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