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What should we pay attention to when making fruit wholesale?

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 Main points for attention:
Purchasing, Storage, Processing and Sales links
Specific description:
1. Stock purchase
Fruits are easy to rot, sometimes very bad. It's a good choice to find someone who is honest and reliable and has worked in the wholesale market. Get in touch with suppliers and, if possible, contact local gardens or orchards as much as possible.
2. Fruit display, easy to sell
According to the size of the fruit, the degree of perishability, whether it can be pressed and color matching and many other issues, tailor-made shelves. Attention should be paid to the angle of the ladder shelf. If it is not done well, all the guests will fall off at the first touch. Suggestions can go to the wholesale market to buy a variety of fruits and vegetables to try to put a pendulum, adjust more, and finally determine.
3. Fruit Inventory
Looking at the freshness, sales and seasonal selective purchases of fruits, many fruits can be ripe when they are several colors. How to put them can let the air circulate and slow down their ripening speed. How much sales, when will it go bad, we must master very carefully.
4. Disposal of defective products
Disposal of defective products can be done by choosing juicer and salad cabinet, which not only dispose of defective products, but also make a very high profit. If there are too many defective products, it will be impossible to deal with them. It is recommended to buy some disposable boxes, wrap them in transparent paper, and write down the lower price for sale.
5. Focus on the weather

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