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How to do fruit wholesale business?

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 1. Determine the type of operation
Generally, street vendors mainly sell apples, oranges and other ordinary fruits, which have a long shelf life and are not easy to put out; non-staple food stores will increase bananas, watermelons, grapefruit and other seasonal fruits; fruit stores have more varieties, large-scale in addition to ordinary fruits, but also sell some imported fruits, smaller, there will be mango, Hami melon and other high-priced fruits; The mobile fruit stalls run by trucks and flat cars are mainly used for seasonal fruits with large volume, such as pineapple, grapefruit, watermelon, Hami melon, orange and so on.
2. Choice of time and wholesale location
The working hours of the fruit wholesale market start at 4 a.m. and are most active before 10 a.m.
Buyers who buy from large wholesale markets need large quantities of goods. Small customers are best in small and medium wholesale markets, where some wholesalers also come from the wholesale market, a layer of turnover, the price may be more expensive. However, there is also a proximity principle for purchasing goods. It is not necessarily worthwhile to have cheaper goods in the bulk market, plus the road fare.
3. Identify wholesalers:
Wholesalers may have two major categories and four subspecies:
(1) Local wholesalers have their own fixed venues. They are divided into two groups: one group receives goods from outside the country and then wholesales them; the other group receives goods from outside intermediaries.
(2) Foreign wholesalers, who generally have no fixed place, are divided into two types: one is that wholesalers collect large quantities of fruits locally and ship them directly to the wholesale market for wholesale distribution to retailers; the other is that large growers ship their fruits directly to the market for wholesale distribution to retailers.
These four kinds of wholesalers give different prices and types of sales, and need more observation and understanding to distinguish and identify long-term cooperation of wholesalers.
4. Find out the real wholesale price:
All kinds of wholesalers have the same price verbally, but different types of wholesalers have different price concessions. We should make clear the real wholesale price.
The wholesaler usually writes down the quantity in a notebook after the goods have been weighed. At this time, you need to observe the total weight quietly. Generally, wholesalers will use calculators to calculate costs. If possible, they will rely on the past to see the process of their calculation, so that they can generally get the real wholesale price. At this time, we should pay attention to the quantity and price of the purchase. The quantity of the purchase varies with the price. We can make it clear by observing it several times.
5. Other Tips
(1) If you want to get a bargain, you can wait a little.
Take cherries for example. The fruit starts to sell at about 4 o'clock, and wholesalers are ready to sell it at a low price after 9 o'clock because cherries are too easy to spoil. Generally 8.5 yuan per kilogram can dive to 7 yuan per kilogram.
(2) Check wholesale prices
Wholesale commercial calculator calculates the price, add 0.05 yuan to the original price, you may not be able to calculate it with your head.
So either check it with the calculator or watch him count it in person.
(3) Inspection of fruit quality
Fruits must be seen and handled one by one, especially when they are wholesaled in boxes. It's easy to hide one or two bad fruit in a box of fruit. Open-box inspection is troublesome, but it keeps you from losing money.
(4) Check the weight of the whole box
Don't let the wholesaler say that a box is multiple, just move the goods directly. Boxes and boxes are overweight, not less than one kilogram. Business is not more heroic, a fruit is also money, small money does not make big money difficult to earn.

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