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What fruit is planted with high economic efficiency

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 In fact, the fruit tree is also affected by many factors, such as variety, soil, climate, sales model, management level and other factors will affect the benefits of the orchard. I will now talk specifically about the choice of varieties. Of course, talking about varieties is also inseparable from climate and soil, because fruit trees must be born in the soil and live in the air. Therefore, the choice of varieties must be based on the local climate, soil, consumption habits are uncertain.
For the more than 100 varieties that we currently promote (Chongqing Guozhiwang Company), each variety also has its corresponding adaptability. Now I will recommend a few varieties that can make money, and indicate the appropriate area for the Everyone chooses.
First, citrus:
1. Dayagan No. 1 (Improved Spring See) - Spring see upgraded variety
The area of ​​Dadan orange is also similar in spring. It is recommended to plant in the area with an average annual temperature of 16~18.5 °C. Da Ya No. 1 engages in anti-ulcer disease and has excellent yield.
Da Ya Ci No. 1 branch and spring see is very similar, there are many fake seedlings in the city. Please choose a regular unit when purchasing seedlings, otherwise it is very easy to buy fake seedlings. At present, Chongqing Guozhiwang Company has container seedlings of Da Ya Ci No. 1 and Open field seedlings are available.
2, Wo mango - excellent very late ripe orange
Wogan is now a popular late-maturing citrus in China. Its fruit has been popular in Guangxi and Yunnan in recent years. In the spring of 2017, the purchase price of orchard reached 10 yuan/kg or more. The supply of products is in short supply, and the output is extremely high, which is welcomed by growers. The prospects are good. However, Wogan is not resistant to ulcer disease, and it is recommended to purchase seedlings in non-epidemic areas.
Second, Lee class:
1, red purple peak - special early ripe large fruit type Li
The red purple peak needs 500-600 hours of cold, and the fruit matures in late May of Chongqing. It is one of the mature mature plums. It is suitable for planting in a wide area and should be planted in areas with an annual average temperature below 18 °C.
2, Adelaide - medium-quality high-quality nuclear litham variety
Audroda has a high natural fruit setting rate, and should strengthen the fruit thinning and increase the fruit. It has strong disease resistance and high yield. It enters the high yield period in the fourth year after planting. The cooling capacity is 500 hours, the planting area is wide, and the market prospect is good. It is recommended to plant in the area below 18 °C.
There are also late giants Li, early summer green yellow, gold - noble pear, middle peach red jade, Fuli Taohuang, Xiazhi sugar peach, Zhongtao No. 6 and other popular fruit trees, Chongqing Guozhiwang company has a large number of seedlings, can go to the company Website for details.

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