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It's very easy to put salt in fried vegetables. Why do you still have hypertension?

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Note:   Recently,Guangdong maternal and child health care hospital nutrition department received a hypertension patient,the
   Recently,Guangdong maternal and child health care hospital nutrition department received a hypertension patient,the patient said that in order to prevent hypertension,I am very master of salt fried vegetables,only a small spoon a day,why or have hypertension?Through the dietary observation of xiayanqiong,director of Nutrition Department of Guangdong maternal and child health care institute,it seems that the mystery is found.
  "Although the patients usually fry vegetables rarely put salt,but the soy sauce is not vague,a bottle of soy sauce used up in a few days.And the table is essential is all kinds of pickles,pickles,pickles,dried mother...All kinds of dishes,patients feel that they eat delicious sauce,good food.There are also various bacon and sausage made by the old family.Without losing face,the patient certainly mastered salt,but unconsciously he took a lot of"invisible salt.".Said director xiayanqiong.
  Seasoning can't be eaten more,can't it?
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  Friends in daily cooking,in addition to less salt,but also need to pay attention to the existence of these foods"invisible salt.".
  What are the most common"invisible salt"foods?
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  Soy sauce,bean paste,chili sauce,sweet sauce,oil consumption,chicken essence,MSG,etc.commonly used in ordinary times are all added with salt to a certain extent,for example,about 1g of salt in 5-6ml soy sauce.So seasoning and salt also need to be increased in an appropriate amount.
  Usually cooking fried vegetables,how to pay attention to reducing salt intake?
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  1.Processed seafood.For example,shrimp skin,dried fish,dried sea rainbow,sea rice,seaweed,kelp,seaweed and other seafood have certain salt.When cooking,we can put less salt or even not salt.
  2.White finished products such as hanging noodles.100g of noodles contain about 3G salt,and the rest are like noodles,dumpling skin and bread also contain salt.It is also a"invisible salt"food to be noticed.
  3.Sweets.For dessert like biscuits,cakes,snacks,ice cream and so on,we will add salt in order to stabilize the food layout and increase the gluten of dough.Don't feel sweet without salt.
  4.Dried fruit.For example,dried plum,dried plum and other fruits are sweet and sour.Salt is put in the processing process to keep the high osmotic pressure,so that the preserved fruit can be dehydrated to make the effect dry.The salty taste is whitewashed by the sweet and sour taste,which is not easily detected.
  5.Salted vegetables,bacon,sausage and other processed food.When making these processed foods,a lot of salt will be added to protect against corrosion,so or even if fresh vegetables and meat are selected,it will be relatively good.
  6.Sports drink.A can of 600ml of effective beverage,with a sodium content of 252 mg.If you don't exercise or exercise for a short time,it's best not to drink effective drinks.
  7.Chips and other snacks.Chips are usually added with various seasonings to enrich the taste,salty and delicious.It is salt.
  What should we pay attention to when buying packaged food outside?
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  We should develop the habit of looking at food labels.When choosing food,we can see the sodium content in the label.If the content is high,we can cut down a lot of invisible salt even if we don't choose.
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