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Xiangshan green plum is in the picking period

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Note:   There are no birds in the plum leaves,but the plum leaves can be picked..Today,more than 40 mu of green plum forest
   "There are no birds in the plum leaves,but the plum leaves can be picked.".Today,more than 40 mu of green plum forest in Dazhuang farm,Daxu Town,Xiangshan County is maturing.The green plum forest in Anbu farm,with birds chirping,green mountains and beautiful forests,is filled with the fragrance of soil and light maidservants in the humid air.
  Looking around,full of green plum fruit,heavy pressure on the branches.Plum like beans,willows like eyebrows,in the late spring sunshine breeze,with fragrance,such as beads like jade,green red“This year's green plum is a big year.Its output can reach 100000 Jin,and its character is better."Said the head of the farm.
  "Sour and crisp!"Pick a round green plum from a tree and rub it with your hand.You can't wait to send it to your mouth.As soon as your upper and lower teeth bite through the peel,the sour juice immediately enriches your mouth.As soon as the sour teeth shrink,the stimulation of your taste buds makes your five senses wrinkle together“It's really sour On the one hand,he hated acid,but the next second he could not help opening his mouth and biting,"although it was sour,it was very clear,not astringent at all,and had a nice smell of plum."
  The person in charge said that the green plum of Dazhuang farm belongs to the stale type,which is about the same"ancestor of plum"as Cao Cao's"the hero of green plum boiling wine".And the ripe plums are just right for making wine.Green plum wine is sweet and slightly sour,refreshing.Even girls who can't drink can smack the taste and squint a few mouthfuls.The introduction of good wine is more difficult to disobey the Qiongjiang series.It doesn't matter if you really can't taste wine.After a while,the plum will be ripe and soft,and the preserved plum,pickled plum,Salted Plum,sugar plum,canned plum,and even plum sauce can be placed.
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