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A new member of the "one belt and one way" fruit exported to Kenya, the first batch of fro

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Note:   On September 4,the first 200 kg Kenyan frozen avocado arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.Due to the hi
   On September 4,the first 200 kg Kenyan frozen avocado arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.Due to the high requirement of time limit for frozen cargo transportation,storage and customs,Shanghai Customs,which belongs to Pudong International Airport,has taken such measures as paperless customs declaration,green passage and seamless docking of quarantine experts.After on-site inspection,the attached official plant quarantine certificate of Kenya was checked.This batch of avocados had complete information and compliant packaging.It came from the processing plants and quick-freezing treatment facilities registered by the General Administration of Customs.The number and weight of avocados were in accordance with the declaration,and they did not carry peels and pits.No pests or diseases were found on the spot.The avocados were released immediately after passing the quarantine.
  Avocado,also known as avocado,avocado,butter,has the reputation of"forest butter".In April this year,during the second"one belt and one way"International Cooperation Summit Forum,China and Kenya signed the protocol on the requirements for inspection and Quarantine of frozen Kenya avocado in China.Kenya became the fifth country in the world and the first country to export avocado to China after Chile,Mexico,Peru and New Zealand.The list of fruits exported to China along the belt and road will be expanded again.
  In order to prevent the introduction of plant epidemics,only Kenya frozen avocado with peel and stone removed is allowed to be transported to China at present.It is required that the frozen avocado should be frozen at-30 degrees Celsius for no less than 30 minutes and stored and transported below-18 degrees Celsius in order to ensure the national biological safety and the quality safety of edible agricultural products.
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