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Yu Huan's mother and sister are released from prison one after another: fruit knife is no longe

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Note: Affected by the No.4 typhoon haigebi, heavy rain occurred in Guanxian County, Liaocheng, Shandong Province on August 5.S
 Affected by the No.4 typhoon "haigebi", heavy rain occurred in Guanxian County, Liaocheng, Shandong Province on August 5.
Shandong Yuanda industry and Trade Co., Ltd. has water seepage on the ceiling of the third floor of the restaurant, and mildew is all over the place. Su Yinxia, the head of the factory, was distressed. She brought a pink bucket to catch the rain from the ceiling. Before the family went to prison, it was a small dining room for important customers. There were all kinds of solid wood round table, leather sofa and whole cabinet.
Su Yinxia used a pink bucket to catch the dripping rain water.
Su Yinxia is 52 years old. Four years ago, her son Yu Huan became a news figure in a criminal case. On April 14, 2016, a 11 person violent debt collection gang led by local Du Zhihao illegally detained Huan mother and son in the reception room of Yuanda industry and trade in the name of debt collection, and insulted Su Yinxia by extreme means. His son Yu Huan felt a fruit knife from the reception room table and stabbed the mother, causing Du Zhihao, the debt collector, to lose too much blood and die, and three people were injured. Liaocheng intermediate people's court made a judgment in the first instance on February 17, 2017: the defendant Yu Huan committed the crime of intentional injury and was sentenced to life imprisonment. On June 23, 2017, in the second instance of Yuhuan case, the Shandong Higher People's court found that Yu Huan had excessive defense and constituted the crime of intentional injury, and was sentenced to 5 years' imprisonment. From 2016 to 2017, Su Yinxia, his wife and daughter were also jailed for illegal storage.
On December 14 last year, Su Yinxia was released from the women's prison in Shandong Province. In June this year, Yu Jiale was released from prison. These days, mother and daughter are stepping up to clean up the house, waiting for Yu Huan to get out of prison.
[restart] it's still 3 million yuan short, and we can get the factory back to work
Su Yinxia is concerned about the factory. In order to get the factory back to operation as soon as possible, she was too busy after she got out of prison. On August 4, she took a ride to Jining, 180 kilometers away from Guanxian County, to negotiate business with old customers, and returned to Guanxian only late at night. Su Yinxia is still on the list of people who have been executed for breaking faith in the national courts. She can't take the plane or high-speed rail, so she can only take the ordinary train or drive a private car to meet customers in other cities.
On the day when she met the reporter in the factory, Su Yinxia was wearing something rustic: a cartoon pattern was printed on a white T-shirt, loose black trousers and old-fashioned leather shoes. She set her office seat in the financial room, and now she has formed the habit of "many sales personnel will enter and leave the financial room, so it is more convenient to communicate." She said.
On the right side of the first floor of the factory office building was the reception room of the company and the place where the "Yuhuan case" happened. Su Yinxia couldn't bear to go in after she got out of prison. The room was rented to an enterprise that produced transportation facilities as the general manager's office. Together with the rental out, there are some offices and a workshop.
Yuanda industry and trade is located in Guanxian Industrial Park, 500 meters away from the south of Guanxian exit of Jihan expressway, covering an area of about 70 mu. In 2009, Su Yinxia bought "the best standardized workshop in the county's Industrial Park" with 8 million yuan. This also means that the factory's business has entered a new stage.
Behind the office building are three large workshops. At present, only the rented plant is in operation. The second workshop is empty. Su Yinxia wants to develop some new business with this empty workshop. The third workshop is the forging workshop, which was also the heart of the factory. Now, outside the factory building, there is a heavy rain and water, and the passageway is muddy; inside the factory building, the shade is blue, the equipment and sundries are covered with dust, and there are also spider silk and poplar flocs. Su Yinxia jumps over the pool, holding the equipment piled at the door of the factory building, and strides into the plant to check. "Recently, copper wires in a transformer and equipment were stolen." She said.
The factory building is covered with poplar flocs.
In the workshop stands a large lathe with a height of three stories and a pressure of 4000 tons. In addition, there are also equipment from the second workshop. These equipment cost tens of millions of yuan to buy in 2010, both at that time and now, are among the top in the industry.
At that time, the forging workshop was hot in the daytime, and the lathe operation consumed a lot of electricity. So Su Yinxia took the workers to start the lathe from 8 to 9 p.m. It can not only stagger the high temperature weather in the daytime, but also reasonably use the "ladder power". Su Yinxia also had to wait for that day's production to be stable before going to sleep.
"At most, there are 80 or 90 workers in the factory," she said. Sometimes, I have to help them cook. "
Usury is the key point of suyinxia's enterprises from prosperity to decline. From 2014 to 2016, the industry was sluggish. To solve the capital turnover and repay the bank loan, Su Yinxia borrowed 1.35 million yuan usury with 10% of the monthly interest from Wu xuezhan, a local gangster. After paying the principal and interest of 1.84 million yuan and a house property of about 700000 yuan, Su Yinxia still failed to pay off the debt. This also led to the subsequent violent debt collection.
After the "Yuhuan case" occurred, the factory laid off workers and cut off water and electricity. Yu Huan's aunt Yu Xiurong is alone in the factory security room. One of the reasons for this is the fear that the machines in the factory will be stolen.
Many people in the industrial park are afraid of being implicated in the case, so they avoid suspicion one after another. Yu Xiurong needs to print a lot of documents for Yu Huan's appeal. When she ran to a nearby factory to borrow the printer, the staff said the printer was broken, and Yu Xiurong saw that the printer not far away was spitting paper.
After su Yinxia was released from prison, she was worried about whether the people around her would still accept her. When talking to an old client on the phone, she was careful to probe: "can I talk to you?" the other party replied, "you can come.".
At present, Su Yinxia's family owes about 50 million yuan to the bank and millions to others. In the face of huge debts, Su Yinxia is very anxious. The most important thing is to find a way to make the factory work. Su Yinxia is now looking for partners who can provide working capital, and she can provide a complete set of technology, workshops and skilled workers. However, matching partners are not easy to find.
"For just three million, my factory will be able to restart." Su Yinxia said.
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