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The "culprit" of liver cirrhosis has been found out, which has nothing to do with drinking

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Note: Liver cirrhosis is a common chronic progressive liver disease, which will not occur directly in the liver. It is because
 Liver cirrhosis is a common chronic progressive liver disease, which will not occur directly in the liver. It is because of the diffuse liver injury caused by repeated attacks of various causes. Patients will have extensive hepatocyte necrosis, which will damage the structure of hepatic lobules and form pseudolobules. The liver will slowly deform and harden, thus developing into cirrhosis. In fact, the culprit of liver cirrhosis is not drinking, but moldy fruit.
What kind of fruit is the culprit that causes liver cirrhosis?
Moldy fruit is the main cause of liver cirrhosis. In summer, high temperature and humid environment, coupled with active bacterial reproduction, fruits without good storage are most susceptible to mold. Many people are not willing to throw away the moldy fruit, but to get rid of the moldy part and eat the remaining part. In fact, this is a wrong practice. Fruit is a complete individual. once moldy is bound to produce mold and microorganisms, microorganisms will spread to the whole fruit, the naked eye can not identify the scope of microbial diffusion. Moldy fruits contain aflatoxin, which is known as a primary carcinogen, especially aflatoxin B1, which is far more toxic than arsenic and potassium cyanide, seriously damaging liver tissue. Studies have shown that the intake of 1 g aflatoxin, the possibility of cancer is very high. A single dose of 20 mg aflatoxin can cause life-threatening damage. In addition to moldy fruits, other moldy foods can not be eaten, such as peas and corn. And moldy chopping boards and chopsticks should be replaced in time.
What symptom can liver cirrhosis have?
1. Urine color turns yellow
General morning urine or eat carotene containing food, easy to cause urine yellowing, but this is temporary. If the urine continues to yellow and difficult to alleviate, indicating liver damage, because the body's bilirubin mainly depends on liver decomposition and metabolism. When the liver is damaged, it will reduce the liver function, make bilirubin rise rapidly, and then excrete with urine, so that the color of urine turns yellow. The more yellow the urine color, the more serious the disease.
2. Spider nevus
Spider nevus is also called telangiectasia, indicating that the content of estrogen in the body is too high, and the increase of estrogen needs to be aware of liver function damage. Under normal circumstances, the liver can inhibit the growth of estrogen. The spider's capillaries and nevi are better when stimulating the capillaries of the liver, which can't activate the capillaries.
3. Abnormal bleeding
More than half of the patients with liver cirrhosis will have different degrees of bleeding in the early stage, such as nosebleed, skin ecchymosis and gingival bleeding. Because when the liver function is reduced, the ability to synthesize coagulation factors will be decreased, and the coagulation factors in the body will be reduced, which will cause abnormal blood coagulation.
4. Diarrhea
If repeated diarrhea, has been unable to find the cause, need to go to the hospital for liver function examination. Because the liver is closely related to the gastrointestinal tract, the liver is the largest digestive organ in the body, which will affect the digestive capacity of the gastrointestinal tract. Food digestion can not be separated from bile, bile is secreted by the liver, liver damage will weaken the digestive capacity of the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in diarrhea.
No matter what kind of moldy food must be thrown away, do not have a fluke. We must get rid of the bad habits of staying up late, smoking and drinking, and can not abuse drugs, because some drugs and drug metabolites will bring certain toxic effects to the liver. People over 40 years old, chronic liver disease patients with long-term medication and people with family genetic history of liver cancer need to go to the hospital regularly for liver function and alpha fetoprotein examination.
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