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How to improve the repurchase rate of fruit shop

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Note:   Sunday night anxietyshould be a symptom of modern people,and the weekend Carnival can't resist the fear of Monday's
   "Sunday night anxiety"should be a symptom of modern people,and the weekend Carnival can't resist the fear of Monday's arrival.Whether it is the office workers or the student party,this kind of anxiety always starts at the"point".It is impossible to solve the anxiety completely,but there are many ways to alleviate it.
  Fruit colorful fruit shop more repeat customers,that is generally known as"acquaintance economy.".Therefore,in terms of building store word-of-mouth,from fruit quality to store service,are the focus of its gathering popularity.
  The surface demand of customers coming to the store is clear,which is nothing more than the demand for"food".Most fruit shops can do a good job in terms of surface demand.However,it requires colorful big data and the efforts of the operation team to tap the deep needs of customers and meet the deep needs of customers.
  What is the deep demand of customers?
  Deep demand refers to the demand that customers will not say easily,such as:anxiety about losing weight,anxiety on Sunday night,etc.customers with such deep demand show indecision and restlessness in the store.Taking weight loss anxiety as an example,customers will pick up high calorie fruit,think for a long time,take out their mobile phone to check,put down the fruit with a sigh,and pick up the low calorie fruit Go straight out.
  There is no doubt that when they don't understand the deep needs,the shop assistants may be impatient.Such customers come in and feel for a long time and then go out again.However,this part of the content is covered in the training of the shop assistants.How to judge the doubts of customers,how to give better suggestions to customers,and even the marketing activities in the store,are closely combined with this point.
  Colorful business mode
  ①From the concern of colorful fruits,small ceremony contains profound meaning
  The anxiety on Sunday night is the fear of unknown problems that may be encountered the next day.The best way to fight against fear is to relax and enjoy the spirit.In view of this phenomenon,the colorful community marketing has formulated an activity plan and released the"fruit platter"lottery in time within the group to give a small surprise to the customers in the community.
  The kindness of colorful fruits is accepted by most people.Customers who enter the store to receive prizes usually don't just get a prize,because the shop assistant will say a few popular fruits,and after tasting the fresh fruit platter,they are more likely to buy similar products.Who can say that such a small gift is not full of deep meaning?
  ②Custom made gift box,easy and intimate
  For customers with different needs,guobingfen has developed different gift box schemes for them,such as controlling calorie intake.Guobingfen will recommend all kinds of low calorie and good taste fruits such as apple,pitaya,papaya and orange.Generally,it is not packaged directly,but recommended by the shop assistant.One is to ensure the freshness of the fruit,and the other is to increase the customer's favor.
  Whether a fruit chain store can blossom all over the country depends not only on good product quality and good service attitude,but also on strong marketing strategy.The market competitiveness of fruit shop is to start from the innovation of marketing strategy to meet the deep needs of customers,so as to establish a stable strategic position.
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