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Shenzhen has continued to contribute to the revitalization of rural areas by helping xinjiang's

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Note:   September 23,Shenzhen yuanjiang front headquarters and 100 orchards jointly organized thethird Xinjiang fruit Festiv
   September 23,Shenzhen yuanjiang front headquarters and 100 orchards jointly organized the"third Xinjiang fruit Festival"officially opened.
  The event will be held for a week.During the event,more than 600 stores of 100 Orchard in Shenzhen will sell and promote special fruits and melons of Kashgar,Xinjiang,with a discount of 10%for 2 items and a discount of 30%for more than 3 items,contributing shenzhen's strength to the rural revitalization of the recipient area.
  Yaxi plum,Korla fragrant pear,Eight six King hami melon,domestic bloodsilk plum......The characteristic fruits from Xinjiang are sweet and juicy,fragrant and overflowing in the garden,attracting citizens to purchase.
  In addition to on-site sales,"Xinjiang Fruit Festival"also set up special page promotion and banner advertising in the Baiguo APP,forming online and offline multi-directional linkage,full publicity activities to help xinjiang fruit sales.
  Reporters learned that since 2018,the orchard in shenzhen headquarters in front of the xinjiang support,take the"company+cooperative+poor,global optimization++preferential promotion demonstration tested"support pattern in xinjiang kashgar,establish the orchard fruit industry demonstration base for poverty alleviation,the introduction of advanced technology,drive the local employment.
  "The shenzhen xinjiang section in front of the headquarters and the orchard fruit in xinjiang,xinjiang is shenzhen,the important measures for consumer support not only promotes the xinjiang quality fruit to the market,also to drive the ShouYuanDe rural population income to become rich,promote the characteristic industry mass transfer efficiency,to inspire the revitalization of the significance of development of endogenous power.In 2021,Shenzhen Yuanjiang headquarters has helped the recipient to sell 22,200 tons of agricultural products,worth 292 million yuan,and focus on supporting the development of Xinjiang characteristic naan industry in Shenzhen and even the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.Shenzhen yuanjiang forefinger project finance group leader,Kashgar regional development and reform Commission deputy director Lin Tao said in an interview with reporters.
  100 orchard group executive vice president Jiao Yue said in the scene and consumer exchanges,to participate in xinjiang to help farmers,rural revitalization,has been 100 orchard group in recent years one of the focus of work.Xinjiang fruit festival every year,100 orchards give full play to channel and marketing advantages,to help fruit farmers to increase income,pull local economic growth.In the future,under the leadership of the Party Committee and the government,with the whole industrial chain collaborative thinking,Baiyuan promises to help the local industry achieve sound development and continue to contribute to the rural revitalization of Xinjiang.As the co-organizer of the event,pomegranate factory also participated in the relevant publicity work.
  As the public welfare spokesperson of this Xinjiang Fruit Festival,The artist of the"Pomegranate Is Ripe"from Xinjiang released a public welfare video to congratulate compatriots across the country for sharing"the fruits of xinjiang's victory in poverty alleviation and the fruits of the friendship between Singapore and Shenzhen".
  Lifting people out of poverty is not the end,but the beginning of a new life and a new struggle.
  The reporter learned that since the new round of aid to Xinjiang in 2010,Shenzhen,as the only one of the 19 provinces and cities in Xinjiang,has been supporting Kashgar and Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County(hereinafter referred to as"Tajik County").With the strong support of Shenzhen,Kashgar city and Ta County have successfully lifted themselves out of poverty in 2019."Difference",shenzhen xinjiang will strengthen development of poverty consumer support as the crucial achievement,the important measures to boost rural revitalization,from set up a sound long-term mechanism,to improve sales system,promote the competitiveness of the characteristics of agricultural products,promote the formation dominated by market mechanism,government,market and social collaborative efforts to promote the consumption of supporting new mode of sustainable development.
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