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When spring comes, these fruits are on the market in Wenshan

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Note:   In spring,flowers bloom and everything recovers.In many places in Wenshan,seasonal fruits such as strawberries,orang
   In spring,flowers bloom and everything recovers.In many places in Wenshan,seasonal fruits such as strawberries,oranges and loquats are also on the market,which makes leisure travelers not only satisfied with their eyes,but also satisfied with their mouths.
  Li Dan,reporter of Xichou County Financial Media Center:"the weather is fine.With the fragrance of flowers all the way,we came to guixiangwei strawberry base in xiabaji,Xingjie town.We haven't entered the greenhouse yet.A gust of wind can smell a strong strawberry fragrance.I can't wait.We don't talk much.Let's pick strawberries quickly."
  The picking garden is full of vitality.People can't help picking some green leaves,bright red fruits and fragrant fruit fragrance.
  Tourist Wang Hongyan:"the weather is good and the mood is good.I came to pick strawberries.After picking two,I felt very sweet,so I picked a large basket."
  After experiencing the joy of picking Xichou strawberries,let's come to the 280 mu loquat garden in Liuzhu village,baga Township,Yanshan County.Fruit farmers here take advantage of the sunny weather to pick loquat fruits,pack them and ship them out for sale.
  Lu Yingwen,Secretary of the general Party branch of Liuzhu village,baga Township,Yanshan County:"after planting Pipa fruit,it has driven our local nearby employment,solved more than 3000(person times)employment a year,and generated an income of nearly 200000 yuan for the villagers."
  In Daping town of Malipo and Dongsheng Village of Xingjie town of Xichou County,oranges here have also been listed one after another,but due to the impact of the epidemic,they are unsalable to varying degrees.Among them,Daping town is currently unsalable 105 tons,and Dongsheng Village,Xingjie town has more than 30000 kilograms of Citrus unsalable.As of the press time,their citrus has not found a market.I hope the majority of buyers,farmers'markets,supermarkets and caring people can lend a helping hand to reduce the losses of fruit farmers.
  He Youfang,a villager in xindifang village,Daping Town,Malipo County:"I'm very flustered that I can't sell it.The flowers are blooming again.I hope those bosses will help us buy some if they see it."
  Yang Ronglan,a villager in Dongsheng Village,Xingjie Town,Xichou County,said:"I'm big enough to sell fruit this year.Now there are more than 30000 kg of food to eat that hasn't been sold."
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