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The annual output is the second in China. Why is Sichuan not famous for this kind of fruit?

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Note:   Approaching may day,blueberry grower Liu Qian is even busier.Procurement of packaging materials,recruitment of picki
   Approaching may day,blueberry grower Liu Qian is even busier.Procurement of packaging materials,recruitment of picking workers and docking with dealers...In the farm of Longguan community,Shaqu street,Dayi County,Chengdu,the 200 mu blueberries planted by Liu Qian are about to mature,and the harvest season will last until the end of June.The harvest of this year will be determined by more than one month.
  Blueberry is a new small berry tree species,which is the second largest berry in the world after strawberry.As early as more than ten years ago,Shandong,Yunnan,Sichuan and other places began to explore blueberry planting.The blueberry map of Sichuan extends around with Chengdu Plain as the center.
  In 2020,China's blueberry planting area reached 996000 mu,with a year-on-year increase of 10.1%,with a total output of 347200 tons and fresh fruit output of 234700 tons,becoming the world's largest blueberry planting base.Sichuan blueberry also has an annual output of 50000 tons and a planting area of nearly 105000 mu,ranking second and fourth in China respectively.
  Domestic blueberries are mainly sold as fresh fruits.According to the statistics of small berry branch of China horticultural society,Sichuan blueberry fresh fruits account for about 60%of the national blueberry output.However,looking at the national blueberry fresh fruit market,it is difficult for Sichuan to be famous.Why?
  Market side
  The listing period is short and concentrated in the peak period
  Pengzhou Mengyang fruit wholesale market is the largest fruit distribution center in Chengdu.Every year,there are about 100000 blueberry fresh fruits transported from here to Sichuan(12 boxes each,including 3 kg of net fruit).
  "Come quickly,go quickly."Liu Dan,who has been engaged in blueberry wholesale business in Mengyang market for more than ten years,used six words to describe the local blueberry sales market in Sichuan.
  Every year,the sales period of domestic blueberries in Sichuan market can start from the Spring Festival,reach the peak from May to July,basically go off the market in September,and other months are occupied by imported blueberries."During the sales period of domestic blueberries,Sichuan blueberries were listed in early May and ended one after another at the end of June.It was only a little more than a month.The fresh blueberries at other times mainly came from Yunnan and Liaoning."Liu Dan said that even in the sales season of more than a month,only half of the blueberries in the market are local.
  "Seven blueberries in every 10 come from Yunnan".A microblog search some time ago showed that it is not difficult to see the position of Yunnan production area in the national blueberry fresh fruit market.
  The annual output is the second in China.Why is Sichuan not famous for this kind of fruit?
  In 2021,the planting area of blueberries in Yunnan Province is about 100000 mu,and the output is about 45000 tons.The planting area and output rank sixth in China.Due to the different cultivated varieties and production purposes in each production area,the proportion of fresh fruits varies greatly.Almost all of the 45000 tons of blueberries produced in Yunnan are fresh fruits.Moreover,due to the advantages of climate and geography,Yunnan blueberry has almost realized the annual supply of blueberries,and the harvest period can last from early November to July of the next year.
  The concentration at the peak of listing also greatly reduced the market price of Sichuan blueberry.During the Spring Festival,blueberries in the greenhouse producing areas of Yunnan can be sold for more than 200 yuan per piece,while the price of Sichuan blueberries in May is only 50,60 yuan to 100 yuan per piece.
  Planting end
  The degree of quality standardization is low,and it is difficult to enjoy the added value of the brand
  "Compared with other fruits,blueberries are a single fruit that speaks with the brand."Liu Qian said.The reporter learned that in recent years,jiawo,yizhiberry and other fruit brands have continuously expanded the domestic blueberry market.At the beginning of the establishment of jiawo brand in 2013,it took blueberry as the main brand.When blueberry was still a relatively small fruit product at that time,it quickly seized the market share through the first mover advantage.Subsequently,brands such as Yizhimei entered the market one after another,making blueberries gradually become a single fruit product that speaks with the brand in the market.
  The annual output is the second in China.Why is Sichuan not famous for this kind of fruit?
  While brands enter the blueberry market,Sichuan blueberry is difficult to become a priority for these brands in the horse racing enclosure.The reason behind it points to the short board of planting technology in Sichuan.
  In 2009,Yang Chao began planting blueberries in Xinchang Town,Dayi County,which can be regarded as the first batch of blueberry growers in the province."At that time,there was no planting technology,and I didn't know what kind was good.I just had to explore by myself."Yang Chao said that due to the variety and technology,at the beginning,the yield of blueberries he planted per mu was only about 500 kg,with low sweetness and poor taste.Through more than ten years of experience,the output per mu can reach 1500 kg,and finally meet the standard of supplying to jiawo.
  But there are still a few who can"enter".As more and more farmers join the blueberry planting industry,there are more and more"novices"who lack technology like Yang Chao more than a decade ago."Some growers have planted more than ten varieties in a garden,and the technology can't keep up with it.It's difficult to achieve high-quality planting,let alone standardization."Liu Qian said.Finally,most of these blueberries are sold by sightseeing picking,local small vendor procurement and e-commerce.
  Liu Qian,who also got the qualification to supply to jiawo,said that his base has been equipped with sorting,packaging,precooling and cold chain facilities."In addition to meeting certain standards for fresh fruits,jiawo also needs to evaluate the production capacity of the base,such as base environment,sorting and packaging capacity,transportation cold chain evaluation,etc."He said.
  Industrial chain
  All links need to be improved
  "Sichuan blueberry fresh fruit ratio is 60%.Whether it can occupy the fresh fruit market directly tests the advantageous varieties,advantageous production areas,advantageous quality and advantageous price."Zhang Xiaojun,Party Secretary of the Institute of economic crop breeding and cultivation of Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences,said.
  Throughout the industrial chain of the whole Sichuan production area,blueberry has many links to be improved.
  In terms of varieties,blueberry cultivation in China started late.According to the statistics,at present,the main blueberry varieties in production are introduced from abroad,and American varieties account for more than 90%."Since the 1990s,more than 85%of the new blueberry varieties cultivated abroad have applied for patent protection.This greatly restricts the introduction and use of new blueberry varieties in China and has become a'neck'technology for the development of blueberry industry in China."Dong Shunwen,a researcher at the Institute of cash crop breeding and cultivation,Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences,told reporters.
  The annual output is the second in China.Why is Sichuan not famous for this kind of fruit?
  Fortunately,Sichuan Province is rich in wild blueberry resources.At present,23 wild blueberry varieties have been identified,mainly distributed in the southwest and northeast,which provides breeding materials for breeding high-quality blueberry varieties with independent intellectual property rights.
  At the planting end,the reporter learned that at present,the origin of blueberries in Sichuan is mainly concentrated in Chengdu Plain,"but there are still many production areas with climate advantages in Sichuan.For example,places rich in light,heat and water resources such as Panzhihua and Xichang can develop early ripening blueberries.Ganzi and ABA have high altitude and rich light,so late ripening blueberries can be developed.In this way,we can realize staggered peak listing."Liu Qian said.
  In recent years,Liangshan Prefecture,Bazhong City and other places have begun to develop blueberry planting on a large scale."We found that some bases lack scientific planning in site selection and variety selection,resulting in low planting efficiency and even planting failure."Dong Shunwen said.
  In this regard,in 2020,Sichuan provincial market supervision administration approved and issued the"provincial local standard DB51/T 2710-2020 technical specification for standardized planting of blueberries",which provides a technical reference for the reconstruction of new blueberry gardens and old gardens.
  In terms of processing,the blueberry industry in Sichuan also has a weak development."Among the thousands of products counted nationwide,there are only 15 blueberry processing products in Sichuan,which are seriously insufficient in deep processing and have low added value.Most blueberries are sold in the form of fresh fruits after primary processing,and a few are refrigerated or frozen for processing into fruit juice,dried fruit,jam,fruit wine,dairy products and other primary products."Dong Shunwen said.
  Facing this potential market,growers like Liu Qian are already seeking change."We are preparing to establish a blueberry planting alliance across the province to build more large-scale and standardized orchards in Sichuan by means of intelligence.In terms of processing,processed products such as blueberry wine and blueberry frozen fruit produced in Sichuan have performed well in the market,"Dong Shunwen said
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