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A large number of summer fruits on the market retail prices steady wholesale prices

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Note: Since entering June, in our city's fruit stalls, a large number of southern summer fruits on the market and popular mark
 Since entering June, in our city's fruit stalls, a large number of southern summer fruits on the market and popular market.
June 20, located in the Qinzhou district jiefang road of a fruit chain store door, reporters saw litchi, mang Ji Persimmon, durian, kunicorn melon, green lemon and many other southern fruits were placed in a prominent position in the showcase, from time to time there are citizens to choose.
Manager Hu, head of this fruit chain store, told reporters that after entering June, all kinds of southern fruit appeared on the market in our city in large numbers. At present, southern fruits are mainly seasonal fruits in Hainan and Guangxi. Compared with the same period in previous years, the wholesale price of southern fruits has risen as a whole this year, but retail stores are basically flat with the same period last year to boost sales. For example, the promotional price of lychees is 9.9 yuan per catty in these two days. If you buy two copies of packed lychees, the promotional price is 8.8 yuan per catty. Durian with shell is 89 yuan per catty.
"The weather is hot these days and watermelon is selling fast. However, this watermelon is a kirin melon from Dongtai, Nanjing. It is seedless and tastes very good. Litchi, mang ji Persimmon, durian and waxberry are also selling well, with the majority of buyers being young." In democracy road some fruit supermarket, store manager Liu Xiaoli while busy to customers said fruit told reporters.
At several other fruit supermarkets in the city, shelves are lined with juicy lychees, some red and green, others red and purple. The reporter learned that the recent price of fruit in the south showed a downward trend, with the concubine laugh lychee as an example, compared to late May, the price of each catty from 14.8 yuan to 9.9 yuan, generally dropped 5 yuan. Ma store manager of a supermarket told reporters that lychees are now on the market in large quantities, compared with the same period last year, the wholesale price of lychees has risen, but the retail price is the same as last year.
The reporter then comes to qin Zhou area luo yu fruit and vegetable wholesale market manages the wholesale shop of a southern fruit, wei Yong in charge introduces to the reporter to say, this year as a result of artificial, freight rise, the wholesale price of southern fruit generally rises somewhat. However, in an effort to boost sales, retail prices remained unchanged from a year ago.
"Concubine Xiao lychee has thick and juicy meat, which has always been the first choice for customers. Prices vary according to size. Years ago, most of the concubine xiao Lychee sold in our city is produced from Hainan, but in recent years, guangdong, Guangxi concubine xiao lychee production is very large, has now entered our city market in large numbers, the price also naturally declined. At the same time, the southern greenhouse nectarine gradually came to an end, the open nectarine into the peak season, nectarine 3.98 yuan per catty. Most of the sunshine rose grapes on the market are produced from Yunnan, the retail price is higher, 30 yuan - 38 yuan per catty, wholesale people are not many, tianshui local Jufeng grapes have to wait." Wei Yong said, the southern fruit is more delicate and not easy to preserve, basic every day to new goods, so can run mainly, even if labor costs, freight have risen, but the price of the retail market is relatively stable.
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