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In autumn, fruits are concentrated on the market, and these are quite popular...

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Note: Persimmon, orange, autumn pear, autumn peach... Recently, the high sweetness, good taste of autumn fruits concentrated o
 Persimmon, orange, autumn pear, autumn peach... Recently, the high sweetness, good taste of autumn fruits concentrated on the market, the public taste is right.
As the saying goes, "spring to eat buds, summer to eat leaves, autumn to eat fruits, winter to eat roots", after autumn, eat some fresh fruits, both nutritious and delicious can alleviate autumn dryness. In Meitian New fish and Vegetable market, persimmon, citrus, autumn pear and other fruits unique to autumn have been "shining on stage". The colorful and dazzling food market makes people feel happy and increase their appetite.
Persimmon is a fruit that ripens in autumn. The fruit stall at Meitian New Fish Market sells fire gourd hanging persimmon, fire red honey persimmon and Guilin Li Lin bright red persimmon. The popular persimmon is produced in Fuping County, Shaanxi province, the hometown of persimmon in China. It is named for its round shape and fiery color, according to the stall owner. Fire gourd hanging persimmon skin as thin as cicada wings, sweet taste, eating only a small bite to slowly suck, to the end only a thin layer of skin, juice is very rich.
Autumn is also the season when oranges are in abundance. Satang tangerine from Hunan province, Miyagawa tangerine from Zhejiang province and Satang tangerine from Yunnan Mountain have all gone online, occupying the "c" position in fruit stalls. Hunan tangerine 4.5 yuan/catty, tender meat, no nuclear no slag; One small sweet, one bite of juicy Yunnan sugared orange 15.8 yuan/jin; Zhejiang tangerine bright orange color, thin skin without a stone, price 8.8 yuan/jin...... "It's a good time to taste tangerines. They're fresh, sweet and full of juice." The owner of the stall said that the next tangerine will also be on the market in large quantities, when the price can be more favorable.
In addition, the reporter also saw that the citrus aristocrat "Red Beauty" from Yunnan was also on the market, priced at 12.8 yuan/jin. "Red Beauty's flesh is delicate and sweet like jelly. She is a regular visitor to my family every year." Ms. Yao told reporters that the morning in the market to buy vegetables to see the "red beauty" on the market, buy some back to the family taste.
As the saying goes: "a litchi three fire, solar eclipse jin pear is not much." Autumn pear is a relatively common fruit in autumn, but also the first choice of the public run autumn dryness. There are a variety of autumn pears in the vegetable farm, including Tianshan snow pear suitable for stewing rock sugar pear water, crisp and juicy Dangshan pear, sweet and soft autumn moon pear, Xinjiang Korla pear and Yulu fragrant pear.
It is worth mentioning that Yulu fragrant pear is produced in Pingyao, Shanxi Province, priced at 9.8 yuan/jin. Its meat quality is exquisite, with both moisture and sweetness, and its size is large. It is known as the "pear King of China" and is liked by the public. Mr. Ma said that Yulu pear is the favorite of his children, whether eaten directly or juice, boiled water, the taste is excellent.
In addition, the market also produced from Shandong Feicheng golden autumn red peach, "fruit" as the name, because of its long sunshine time, long growth cycle and other characteristics, sweet juicy, red color, is a unique peach varieties in this season. Citizens who like to eat peaches, taking advantage of peaches before the market, can seize this last wave of tail, and then a addiction.
The hawthorn sold at Metian New Fish Market is also special. It is a new variety from Yimeng in Shandong province called Cherry hawthorn. It costs 15.8 yuan per kilogram. It is small in size and lacks the sour taste of common hawthorn, with moderate sweetness. Hawthorn is also a seasonal fruit in autumn, which occupies a place in the vegetable market.
Autumn is a season of fruits, Meitian New fish market in the Tunisian soft seed pomegranate, fresh and crisp Dali winter jujube, crisp and delicious red Fuji apple, plump and sweet grapefruit and sweet and juicy red and green and other common best-selling fruits, colorful, dizzying. The sweetest taste of the year is "hidden" in the autumn market, it is the right time to taste fresh.
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