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Domestic fruits upgrade to create a sweet taste on the tongue

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Note: More and more fruit varieties are sprouting in different parts of the country, and some previously rare imported varieti
 More and more fruit varieties are sprouting in different parts of the country, and some previously rare imported varieties are now on the dinner table of ordinary people. From fruit breeding and planting to the continuous innovation of cold chain fresh-keeping technology, domestic fruits in our country are upgraded all the way.
Fruit planting area is more and more optimized, can't leave fruit "chip" -- seed.
Blueberry is a kind of nutritious fruit, foreign blueberry varieties in our country began to introduce from 1987, but the basic were abroad to eliminate the variety, on average per mu had not break 1,000 jin. Thereafter, the domestic fruit planting enterprises are committed to the independent development of new varieties of blueberries, the first excellent variety of blueberries one per mu reached 2000 catties to 5000 catties, and is suitable for industrialization in a variety of ecological areas in our country.
Avocados, once known as the luxury of fruit, are now significantly cheaper as home-grown crops spread. In Pingtian community of Mangkuan Yi and Dai nationality Township, Longyang District, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, 2,700 mu of avocados have entered the picking season.
Quality fruit is also inseparable from scientific field management. At an orchard in Luzhou, Sichuan province, agriculturists are teaching the longan high-changing technique, which cuts new varieties of fruit high up in the branches with an edible rate of about 70 percent, which tastes sweeter and lasts longer.
In Zhongwei City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, farmers have introduced new technologies to develop the "dwarf dense planting" mode of apple planting. The new planting mode allows the trees to receive even light and produce bright colors when ripe. Given the favorable natural conditions such as long hours of sunlight and large temperature difference between day and night, the fruit has more sugar, sweeter taste and higher yield.
A strawberry restaurant in Henan province introduced natural pollination by Belgian bumblebees and coconut bran from Southeast Asia as the main source of fertilizer for strawberry growth to improve the nutrition and taste of strawberries. With the help of facility agriculture, the indoor is controlled by the Internet of Things, which automatically adjusts indoor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, light, water and nutrient solution supply, so that the strawberry planted can reach 4.5 tons of fine fruit per mu.
At a plantation in Mianyang, Sichuan province, workers rake orange fruit from the orchard, which is quickly stored in a small cold storage unit at a professional breeding cooperative two kilometers away.
Since 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has supported 27,000 family farms, farmers' cooperatives and rural collective economic organizations in building refrigeration and preservation facilities in producing areas, increasing their refrigeration and preservation capacity by over 18 million tons. In 2022, it is expected to add more than 6 million tons of refrigerated storage capacity in producing areas.
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