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Raspberry is delicious and cute, this fruit is very novel and delicious, with unlimited development

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Note: Now more and more people like to eat fruit and pursue a healthier life.Therefore, more and more new varieties are on the
 Now more and more people like to eat fruit and pursue a healthier life. Therefore, more and more new varieties are on the market, and raspberry is such a fruit. The fruit is tender and tender, and the taste is also unique, sweet and sour. It will also be found that many of these fruit-flavored foods have emerged and are popular with many people. So let me introduce the planting technology of raspberry today.

This kind of fruit is widely distributed in China, and it belongs to a kind of shrub. Basically grow on hillsides, valleys and other places. And grow on the sunny side. In fact, what kind of wasteland is more common, its adaptability is still relatively strong. It can grow very well in the barren places of the wasteland. And in the north, raspberries can survive at temperatures as low as minus 45 ° C. If they are in the south, they can be planted anywhere. The fruit can be picked twice in about a year, and the output in the south is higher than in the north. Now it has a lot of varieties, about 400 kinds.

If you want to grow raspberries, you must first choose the place to plant. Although its adaptability is still quite strong, for quality and production, it is still necessary to choose some places to meet his conditions. For example, it is best to be on those sunny slopes. The slope of this kind of hillside should not be too steep. Suddenly, it is better to have more fertility. Of course, some people will also adopt potted methods. If this is the case, be sure to choose the size of the basin. only one plant can be planted in one pot, and it is necessary to change the pot in the spring and autumn every year so that it grows better.

Before planting, be sure to soak its roots in water, preferably for more than 12 hours, so that its roots can absorb enough water, and the survival rate will increase after planting. The requirement for planting is of course deep planting, because the branches of the newly born trees will move up each year as the tree grows, so it must be planted deeper. The purpose of planting shallow is to make it shorten its slow seedling period, so the survival rate will rise. general. It is better in spring or autumn. Spring is better in the middle of March and late April. In autumn, it is better in the middle of October to the end of November. These two time periods must be Be good. Of course, this kind of plant will have less fruit after planting in the first year, but in the third year, it can enter the fruiting period. Generally, the tree after survival can last more than 30 years.

This plant also needs to pay attention to some points when planting. The first is a reasonable arrangement of the number of plants. It is absolutely impossible to increase its density because it is going to increase production, which is likely to cause a relatively large loss. Because some plants have long branches and are particularly easy to reach, especially in the fruiting period, this fruit must be placed on it. Don't feel that this kind of rack is very simple.

The second is a management problem of fertilizer and water. If it is a base fertilizer, it is usually in the early autumn. Because at this time its update began to enter a peak of growth. This means that in the second year it can have results, so in order to be able to bear more fruit must be timely fertilization. If it is not suitable for fertilizing the soil in those areas where it is dry, it can also be sprayed onto the branches or leaves of the tree. Water is important for plants, especially when spring begins to germinate.

Note that because this plant is actually shallow, it is necessary to pay attention to drainage. If there is too much water, its roots are also vulnerable. If it is in a colder area, you can pour frozen water in the winter. When the spring of the coming year, the wetness of the soil will be there, or it can be covered with some weeds around it, which can reduce the evaporation of water and increase the fertility of the soil. Note that weeding is carried out two to three times a year, and chemical weeding can also be used for weeding. Although the adaptability of this plant is relatively strong, it is also necessary to pay attention to cold protection in cold regions in winter. It is best to bury the soil when the soil is not completely frozen in the early winter. When burying the soil, it should first be cut according to the requirements of the branches of the plant, and then overwhelmed in one direction. Earth must remember to shoot strong to prevent air leakage, pay attention to the soil should be far away from the plant, otherwise it will hurt its root system. When the spring begins to be removed, be careful not to hurt the young shoots when the ground temperature is stable.

The taste of the fruit is very good and the market demand is relatively large. Because this kind of comparison is subject to the habits of Westerners, but it is relatively expensive in foreign countries, so it still has a great advantage in export. If you don't think about what to plant, consider the Raspberry project.

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