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Health | Experts recommend eating a pound of vegetables and half a catty of fruit every day. Have yo

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Note:   Healthy China,nutrition first.The third week of May each year is theNational Nutrition Week.This year's National Nut
  Healthy China,nutrition first.The third week of May each year is the“National Nutrition Week”.This year's National Nutrition Week theme is“reasonable diet,daily fruits and vegetables,healthy you and me”.At the kick-off meeting,nutrition experts stressed that vegetables and fruits are an important part of a reasonable diet,but Chinese residents have insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables and can do it every day.There are not many people who come to eat the"Rainbow"with a pound of food and half a catty.
  Recently,the Chinese Nutrition Society released survey data:In 2012,the average intake of vegetables per standard person per day for urban and rural residents in China was 269.4 grams,which was lower than that in 2002.The average daily intake of fruit for urban and rural residents is 40.7 grams,which is at a low level.Experts suggest that one person should eat one kilogram of vegetables and half a catty of fruit per day.
  Status:Nearly half of Chinese do not eat fruit
  Yang Yuexin,chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Society,pointed out that a reasonable diet or a balanced diet refers to a dietary structure or model that meets the metabolic and nutritional needs of the body and meets the needs of the body's functions.Vegetables and fruits are an important part of a reasonable diet.They are located on the second floor of a balanced diet pagoda,accounting for more than half of the daily plate.The China Nutrition Society has provided the science education“tool kit”for the core information dissemination of this year to all participating units in the country to ensure that the theme publicity activities are rapidly and scientifically launched in the country.
  Yang Yuexin pointed out that fresh vegetables and fruits provide the daily essential vitamins,minerals,dietary fiber,plant compounds and other nutrients,especially dark fruits and vegetables are more nutritious.At the same time,the energy and fat of fruits and vegetables are very low,and the general energy is less than 30 kcal/100 g.A large amount of research evidence has shown that eating more fruits and vegetables can effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,cerebrovascular disease,diabetes,lung cancer,etc.,reduce the risk of death of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases,and reduce digestive diseases such as constipation.
  On April 3,an article published in the authoritative medical journal Lancet pointed out that among the world's most populous countries,China's cardiovascular mortality and cancer mortality caused by dietary problems were ranked first.For the Chinese,the top three dietary issues that require the most attention are:too much salt,too much coarse grains and too little fruit.This study once again sounded the alarm for the eating habits of Chinese people,and the nutrition community needs to strengthen publicity and education.
  Yang Yuexin added that the general consumption of vegetables in our country has decreased,meat intake has increased,and nearly half of people do not eat fruit.Insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables will directly lead to an increase in the intake of animal foods such as meat;on the other hand,it will be related to the adjustment and changes of many important nutrients,such as the large intake of animal food,which greatly increases the salt,The intake of fat,vitamins and minerals,especially vitamin C,dietary fiber,potassium,etc.have dropped significantly.These changes are not only changes in dietary patterns,but also significantly increase morbidity and mortality in people with high blood pressure,cardiovascular disease,and cancer.
  Suggestion:Eat enough pounds a day,half a catty
  Professor Ma Guansheng,deputy director of the Chinese Nutrition Society and director of the Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene of the School of Public Health of Peking University,put forward specific suggestions for increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables:it should ensure that there are vegetables in the meal,and there are fruits every day.One person should eat a pound a day.Vegetables,half a catty of fruit.
  Chinese Dietary Guidelines recommend that adults consume 300-500 grams of fresh vegetables a day,at least half of each meal is vegetables,and it is best to have a rainbow-like mix.Adults are recommended to consume 200-350 grams of fruit per day,which is equivalent to a medium-sized apple or orange,or a handful of berries.
  In each meal,vegetables should account for about half of the weight of all foods;when eating in the cafeteria,vegetables should account for half of the entire plate;three families should consume 1-1.5 kilograms of fresh vegetables a day,assigned to three After dinner,there should be two vegetable dishes for each meal during lunch and dinner.Dark vegetables contain more carotene and wholesome phytochemicals,and should be at least half of the total amount of vegetables when purchased.Studies have found that increasing the intake of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli helps prevent cancer.
  Ma Guansheng suggested that you should eat fruit every day,and a family of three should consume 4-5 kilograms of fruit a week.In the selection,mango,citrus,papaya and other red and yellow fruits,higher carotene content;fresh dates,jujube and other dates,oranges,oranges,oranges,pomelo and other citrus and kiwi,sea buckthorn,strawberries and other berries,vitamins The C content is higher;the potassium content of banana,blackcurrant and longan is higher,which can be selected as needed.Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables can increase the resistance and prevent the occurrence and development of diseases.
  In order to increase the chances of eating fruits and vegetables,it is recommended to wash the fruits and vegetables suitable for raw food in a place where you can see and see the coffee table,desk,etc.,so that you can eat them at any time.Parents should lead by example and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.Pay attention to the interest and behavior of children to eat fruits and vegetables;canteens and restaurants should provide more vegetables,fruit platters and other dishes to provide consumers with healthy choices.
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