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Still tangled with "fruit freedom"? The main reason for the price increase every year is t

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Note: Following the freedom of the car and freedom of the citron, Fruit Freedom has recently been hot search.As the prices of
 Following the "freedom of the car" and "freedom of the citron", "Fruit Freedom" has recently been hot search. As the prices of apples, pears, grapes and other common fruits have risen collectively, many netizens lament: "The freedom of the cherries is difficult to achieve, and now you have to lose the ordinary fruit freedom?"

The Beijing Daily client reporter visited and found that most of the recent price increases are mostly anti-season fruits, while lychee and other seasonal fruits are on the market, prices are declining, and sales are rising. With the upgrade of consumption, cheap fruits of 10 yuan and 3 pounds in the past have been difficult to see, and high-quality fruits with higher prices have become the protagonists in the supermarket.

Apple rose to 10 yuan more than a pound

Unlike the cherries with a halo, apples and pears are the most common fruits that consumers are familiar with, and the price has always been relatively close to the people in all fruits. However, the recent prices of these common fruits have risen significantly.

Located in the Jingkelong supermarket in Guanzhuang, the most expensive is the Pan apple in Gansu, which is 16 yuan a pound. The cheapest is Shandong Fuji apple, which is doing price reduction promotion, 9.58 yuan per catty. In the nearby Guoduomei supermarket, Shandong Fuji apples are 13.5 yuan per catty.

"Before I bought apples, I asked for 10 yuan and a few pounds. Now I have a dozen yuan for a pound." Sun Dajie, who is buying fruit in the supermarket, feels the rise of Apple's worth. Recently, she is more inclined to buy cheaper bananas, cantaloupes and other fruits. During the visit, the reporter found that compared to the past, the apple stalls of major supermarkets were left out.


Zhang Ai-dang, the merchant with the largest transaction volume of the newly-issued Apple, also felt the decline in sales caused by the price increase. Since Apple's wholesale price is one-third more expensive than last year, he could sell 80 to 100 tons a day in May last year, and now only sell 20 to 40 tons per day.

"The apples currently sold in the market are actually apples that were picked up in the warehouse after picking last fall. The price increase was mainly due to the decrease in production last year." Zhang Aifang explained that in the western region last April, heavy snow fell, and it was the apple blossoming. At the time, the cold weather caused the pollination rate to decrease, and many of the main producing areas reduced production by half.

However, in the view of the Zhang Ai Party, the momentum of this price increase will not last long. “In the past ten years, I have encountered two apple production cuts. The last time was in 2014, and Apple also rose to the current price, but then it fell back.” He introduced that with the summer fruit began to be mass-marketed in June. The overall price of fruit will fall back, which will also bring Apple's price back to normal.

Say goodbye to the variety of "green and yellow"

In fact, it is now in the off-season of melons and fruits. In the past, it was a period of “green and yellow” that was mainly supported by strawberries and tomatoes. However, the reporter visited and found that there are many kinds of fruits in the supermarkets, such as pineapple, mango, lychee, watermelon, durian, grape, and peach. "For young people in the city, it is completely indistinguishable from seasonal fruits." Ms. Zhang, who is picking watermelons, said.

Although the price of apples and pears has risen to a high level, there are still some fruit prices that are relatively close to the people. In Jingkelong Supermarket, the most popular people are bananas, melons and melons. In contrast, the price of bananas is the cheapest. The bananas in Vietnam are 3.99 yuan, and the bananas in Ecuador are 4.99 yuan. There are also higher quality emperor bananas, which is 15.8 yuan. The price of honeydew melon, melon, cantaloupe and papaya is 5 to 8 yuan per catty.

On the Internet, many netizens spit out this year's lychee and can't afford it. Some lychees are even 60 yuan a pound. Is this really true? The reporter visited the major supermarkets and found that the lychee lychee from Hainan is currently the main fruit of the major supermarkets, all placed in the conspicuous position of the store, priced at 11 yuan to 15 yuan per catty. "When I arrived, I was close to 20 yuan a pound. I have recently lowered the price every few days." A salesperson of Guo Duomei said that as the listing volume gradually increases, the price still has room to fall. Some people vomit It may be that you bought a more expensive special variety.


Zhao Ning, head of Beijing Box Horse Fruit Purchasing, said that with the improvement of logistics technology, it is now possible to source fruits from more regions. Fruits from previously remote areas cannot be eaten, and now they can be conveniently transported to large cities, such as Yunnan. The 'Sunshine Rose' grape has rarely been listed last year, but its listing has increased significantly this year. In addition, imported fruits purchased from other countries can also fill the shortage of domestic fruit during the off-season.

According to statistics from Xinfa, the amount of imported fruit in the Beijing market continued to increase this year, doubled from the same period in 2017 and increased by one-third from 2018. According to analysis, the large number of imported fruits has objectively led to an increase in the average price of fruits.

Face the competition, domestic fruit, go high-end

In recent years, fruit prices have continued to rise, projecting the cost of agricultural production, logistics, sales and other aspects to climb. But it should not be overlooked that consumers' pursuit of higher quality of fruit is the main driving force for price increases.

“The melons and melons are cheap and can’t be sold. The new flavors like ugly oranges and cherries are always popular.” A fruit shop owner said that consumers’ eyes and taste buds are becoming more and more critical. The roads with poor taste are always slow-moving.


Faced with the competition of imported fruits, domestic fruits are also constantly pursuing quality upgrades, which also makes the price of fruits generally higher.

Recently, domestically produced large cherries are on the market in large quantities, with purple and red color, large and uniform, no matter whether they are imported or not, the price difference with the imported cherries is getting smaller and smaller, the most expensive per jin. The price is approaching one hundred yuan. A cherries merchant in Xinfadi introduced that through the technical upgrading in Dalian, the domestically produced large cherries have surpassed imported cherries in sweetness this year and have also achieved export.


In a Baiguoyuan small shop near Beijing Yangzhe Huandao, the sale of the middle and high-end fruits is quite expensive. The price is much higher than the supermarket hypermarket next to it. Interestingly, most of the shopping at small stores is for the elderly. Although the price of watermelon is not equal, the best selling is the most expensive unicorn melon. "We have been eating unicorn melons. If you buy half, you will get 40 yuan. The price is not cheap, but it is delicious," said an elderly customer.

Data show that on May 17, the weighted average price of fruit in the new market was 6.26 yuan per catty, up 60.1% over the same period last year. Zhang Junhua, manager of the statistics department of Xinfadi Market, said that in addition to the influence of some weather factors, most of the fruit price increase is jointly promoted by farmers' planting methods and transportation preservation, and the quality of the fruit itself is constantly upgrading.

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