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The most dangerous fruit in the world, the flesh looks like the brain, if it is not eaten, it will b

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Note: In daily life, we often eat some poisonous fruits and vegetables, but these foods are less toxic, and many of them can b
 In daily life, we often eat some poisonous fruits and vegetables, but these foods are less toxic, and many of them can be safely eaten after proper processing, such as some beans, if not thoroughly cooked. If you eat it, it will be poisoned.

There is also a kind of fruit that you may not have seen. It is rare in the Chinese market. Its flesh looks like a brain. If it is not eaten, it will be poisoned, so it is called the most dangerous fruit in the world.


It is Achigo, the "national fruit" of Jamaica. It can also be called the vegetable brain. The English name is Ackee. The Chinese name is West African litchi fruit. It is native to West Africa and later introduced to South America. This fruit looks like lotus fog and was imported from West Africa to Jamaica in 1778.

Achi fruit is like the fruit of China and Taiwan, but it is harder and stronger than the lotus. Achilles grows on tall trees, and usually more than a dozen can be knotted on a branch, each of which is suspended by a slender stem. The breeze struck, and the trees shook the fruit of the slender rope, and it was quite spectacular.


This fruit cylinder is bright red, and the fruit is full and intact when immature; once mature, the fruit breaks into three large petals, each with a black core wrapped in yellow flesh.

When Achigo is immature, it is a red fruit. Usually it is hanging on a branch. Some people may see that the fruit has turned red. It thinks it is mature. In fact, it is far away. Less than the mature standard, this time it will be poisoned if you eat it.

Because the red part is highly toxic, it contains a toxic substance called hypo-glycolic acid. If it is not fully ripe, eating it in advance may cause the body to die at any time.

If you want to taste the succulent and nutritious Achille, you have to wait until the peel turns bright red, and the fruit can be eaten when it splits. At this time, it is really mature.

The edible part of the achilles is yellow flesh. After the peel is removed, the black seeds are removed. These black seeds contain a lot of toxins, and people must enjoy the delicious and nutritious food after they have to leave the flesh.

The nutritional value of Achigo is very high. It contains a lot of protein, vitamins and a lot of trace elements needed by the human body. The most interesting thing is that its flesh looks like the brain.

This kind of flesh and walnut flesh are also very similar, but the moisture of the walnut flesh is not much. The flesh is more hydrated, the taste is soft, very tender, and the taste is very sweet. It is a fruit that many people love. .

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