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Recognized as the most "unwelcome" 4 big fruits, not only difficult to eat but expensive,

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Note: In daily life, fruit is an essential life flavoring agent. Fruit can not only improve the quality of life, but also supp
 In daily life, fruit is an essential life flavoring agent. Fruit can not only improve the quality of life, but also supplement the vitamins needed by the body. In the era of great navigation, it was because there was no fresh fruit and vegetables on board. So the crew at the time was prone to sepsis. Although I have to eat more fruits in peacetime, I also have a lot of knowledge in the choice of fruit. Xiaobian has bought some fruits that are both difficult to eat and expensive. Finally, because it is really difficult to eat, I have to choose to discard. Today, Xiaobian and Everyone came to talk about the four most recognized "unwelcome" fruits, not only difficult to eat but also expensive, middle-aged people do not buy.

Ginseng fruit

The ginseng fruit is really a very delicious fruit from the outside. After all, the white peel has a hint of purple lines, which looks very delicious, and the name ginseng fruit is easy to think of the ginseng fruit in Journey to the West. So after seeing Xiaobian, I thought that the taste should be good. I bought two pounds and went back to taste it. I didn’t expect to eat ginseng fruit just like eating white radish. I don’t even say that this is ginseng fruit. Xiaobian must think that this is white radish. However, eating more white radish is good for the body, so with the title of "civilian ginseng", you don't know whether ginseng fruit is white radish or white radish is ginseng fruit.



Many people say that avocado is very delicious, so Xiaobian bought avocado in the supermarket and spent more than ten yuan to buy one. After the taste, she regretted it because it was really bad. The reason is that Avocado has a strange taste, it feels very greasy, the more you eat, the more you want to vomit, Xiaobian does not understand why many people think that avocado is delicious, maybe the method of eating small is not right.



Although guava is said to be pomegranate, Xiao Bian believes that guava and pomegranate are completely detached. The taste of guava is similar to that of pear, but the pear is very sweet, and guava is completely eating slag. The same, there is no smell, Xiaobian bought it once, never bought a second time, the reason is too difficult to eat.



To be honest, durian is a controversial fruit. The reason is that it is above the taste of durian. People who like to eat durian think that the taste of durian is fragrant. People who don’t like durian are far away from durian, even When you smell the durian, you need to stay away. Xiaobian once tasted a durian, and the taste of durian stayed in the mouth for a few hours. It was really a torture, but the durian was still very sweet, mainly because the taste of durian was really unacceptable.

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