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Has the fruit supply capacity survey been reduced?

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Note: August 13 According to the Voice of the Central Radio and Television Station, The World Finance reported that the summer
 August 13 According to the Voice of the Central Radio and Television Station, "The World Finance" reported that the summer weather is hot and volatile, and natural disasters occur frequently, which will have a certain impact on the production and supply of agricultural products. Recently, prices of hot agricultural products such as pork, fruits, vegetables, and eggs have fluctuated to some extent, raising concerns about the supply capacity of these agricultural products. In this regard, the reporter interviewed some large-scale agricultural product wholesale markets, planting aquaculture enterprises and farmers, trying to find out the supply of agricultural products. The series report "Agricultural Product Supply Capacity Survey" today, please see the second: Is fruit reduced?
The main varieties of high-yield fruit are guaranteed this year.
Shandong Qixia, fruit farmer Liu Haifeng is checking the apple growth in his own contracted orchard. Qixia is the main production area of ​​China's Red Fuji apple. At this time, the fruit has been wrapped in paper bags and covered with branches. Two months later, Red Fuji will enter maturity, and it will also be full of merchants who come to buy.
Reporter: Can this fruit be listed in mid-October?
Liu Haifeng: Yes, mid-October.
Reporter: What is the amount of bagging this year?
Liu Haifeng: The amount of bagging is more than last year. If the rain is enough, the output should be higher than last year. Last year, when I was good, I sold 4 pieces of 5 cents and 1 kg. This year, about 3 blocks of 7 and 3 pieces are good.
Last year, the main apple producing areas, including Qixia, suffered from low-temperature freeze damage, which led to an increase in apple prices in the first half of this year. This year, Qixia and other major apple producing areas are in good hope, which can alleviate the supply tension. Zhao Junxi, a researcher at the Institute of Agricultural Information of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that not only apples, but also the main fruit varieties can guarantee supply this year: "From the current growth situation, apples and pears are definitely more productive than last year. Last year was the citrus year. This year's yield is not as high as last year, but the planting area has an increasing trend, so the total output of citrus is also guaranteed. From the perspective of these large varieties, the total supply is very secure."
The annual output of fruit in China is about 257 million tons, of which apples, pears, citrus, bananas and watermelons account for the vast majority. Therefore, the high yield of these fruits can basically lay the overall fruit supply situation.
Agricultural super-docking, direct supply of production and other modes to promote the smooth flow of fruit circulation
Of course, another important factor affecting the supply of fruit is the circulation. In the past, fruit layers were wholesale, large wholesale markets and warehousing companies had the ability to control the supply of goods. However, in recent years, with the emergence of agricultural super-docking, direct supply of origin, e-commerce sales and other models, the "middle obstruction" of fruit supply has gradually opened up.
Xiao Yang of Dezhou, Shandong, joined a fruit e-commerce company. She sat in front of the computer and could dock orchards across the country. She said: "The more you sell, the pomegranate, the crisp persimmon, the dragon fruit, and the yacon. Because we sell it through the Internet, we can contact the orchards in various places. We don’t have to Seasonal fruit is on the market and can be bought from us."
More quality fruits to meet the consumption upgrade trend
Lu Fang, president of China Fruit Circulation Association, pointed out that domestic fruit supply and supply channels can fully meet market demand. What the industry really needs to think about is not the capacity problem, but how to adapt to the consumption upgrading trend. "There are certain structural contradictions, that is, high-quality, brand-name, high-grade fruit can not meet the demand for consumption upgrade, but some low-grade, low-quality fruit production capacity is relatively large." Lu Fang said.
At present, all kinds of fruit varieties are cultivated and promoted in all parts of China. At the same time, high-quality fruits such as Central Asian cherries, Thai durians and Philippine bananas are also accelerating into China. Zhao Junxi said that this is a supplement to the domestic high-end fruit supply: “The fruit import last year was more than 5 million tons, accounting for about 2% of the total fruit production. It is a relatively beneficial supplement. In the first half of this year, including fruits and their products, The import volume was 4.17 million tons, a significant increase year-on-year. The channels we import are very smooth."
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