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China has 300 million patients with hypertension, and 2 million people die every year. Who is the cu

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Note: The diet and environment of contemporary people, combined with bad habits of life, have indeed become life-threatening s
 The diet and environment of contemporary people, combined with bad habits of life, have indeed become "life-threatening signs". All kinds of diseases and malignant tumors have been found to these people. They are not only the top 10 cancer diseases in the world, but also many chronic diseases that are easily missed and controllable at ordinary times, and are gradually destroying people's lives.
For example, high blood pressure!
Very new data show that: the number of patients with hypertension in China has exceeded 300 million, and every year, 2 million people died of hypertension. In China, one in every four adults is hypertension.
More and more people, causing hypertension patients, hypertension is also a tension threat to human health. Hypertension is also known as a variety of fatal diseases inducer and accelerator. If hypertension is not mastered, it may stimulate the complications such as crown mustard, stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, and it may be fatal if you don't pay attention to it.
How does hypertension cause after all?
Hypertension, also known as "silent killer.". In the early stage of hypertension, there are no obvious symptoms and are not easily found. Until the patients begin to have headache, dizziness and swelling, eye flowers, and light head and feet, the patient will not find that they have hypertension.
Therefore, after entering adulthood, regular blood pressure test and regular physical examination are very tense!
There are many reasons for hypertension, and the summary can be divided into four stress components:
① Bad diet habits
It is no exaggeration to say that most people today are irregular diet, unhealthy diet, overeating and hot high salt food have become a very popular among young people! These causes the digestive tract system cancer, obesity and other diseases.
The body mass index of obese patients is also the link component of hypertension; Most people eat too much salt, eat salted food, will also attract hypertension. When the diet is unbalanced and the body's potassium and calcium content is too low, it can also cause blood pressure to rise.
② Irregular lifestyle
Young people are often under high pressure, irregular habits, drinking, eating, staying up late, and so on, which are destroying the normal condition of human body. The incidence rate of hypertension induced by high energy anxiety and pure purification is significantly increased.
③ Shortage campaign
Working and life pressure also makes people exercise less and less time. Sitting or lying down for a long time becomes the way to exercise today. The shortage of normal exercise and physical exercise also causes the decline of human immunity and increases the harm of hypertension.
④ Bad mood
Long term energy is highly nervous, and the emotion is under the condition of anger, chagrin and environment malignant stimulation (such as noise), which can also cause the production of hypertension.
In addition, in addition to the above four aspects, with the increase of age, the risk of high blood pressure will increase; Parents with high blood pressure at home will have a high blood pressure aspiration rate of 46% in their offspring, so genetic components are also one of the causes of hypertension tension.
The culprit for hypertension is not salt!
We hear that we are prepared for hypertension, in fact, it is to abstain from salt or eat less salt. For patients who have had hypertension, we should master the salt intake, but in fact, the culprit for inducing hypertension or causing blood pressure rise is not salt, but "sodium" in salt!
Excessive sodium intake can cause blood pressure to rise. A lot of people will say that the diet used to be very flat, but blood pressure or it will be very high. In fact, the question here is that some sodium in food is missed. Besides high salt food, there are also some foods in life, which hide sodium.
In daily life, these high sodium foods need our attention, and we can eat less than we can
In the process of manufacturing, the noodles need to be added with sodium chloride, which can make noodles double white and bright, and shorten the cooking time. In supermarkets, we see that the sodium content of noodles is 1200 mg per 100g. If we don't eat soy sauce and do not add salt, we will take 3 grams of salt (400 mg sodium = 1g salt) if we eat two sides of the noodles.
Therefore, although you eat less in life, you should choose a very low sodium content even if you want to buy it.
We see that we often eat instant cereal, which can be eaten simply after brewing with hot water. In reality, this kind of cereals is often relatively high in sodium content, about 313 mg per 100 grams.
So, cereal is often used when breakfast people need to change.
Toast is often found in Western or light diet of young people, seemingly tasteless toast, in fact, toast in the production of toast will be added cream. The cream contains extremely high sodium, which increases the sodium content in toast. If you take two tablets a time, you'll probably take nearly 600 mg of sodium.
·Sports drink
People who exercise for a long time will be more fond of sports drinks. Because of the loss of sodium in the body in the exercise, they will supplement them through sports drinks. Although the starting point is good, in sports drinks, there are about 41 mg sodium per 100 ml, and each bottle of sports drinks is about 600 ml, and one bottle is 246 mg of sodium.
·Chocolate drink
The most popular chocolate drinks on the market use sodium to increase the flavor of chocolate, especially in hot chocolate, which is higher than that in chips. Every 100g of chocolate drinks, it contains about 101 milligrams of sodium.
·Chips and biscuits
Potato chips, steamed bun, pot and other expanded foods are popular snacks for most people. Although there is no saltiness, sodium is needed to support strength and eliminate sweetness in the process of processing these foods, so these are also high sodium foods. There is about 303 milligrams of sodium per 100g of biscuits.
·Bottled fruit and vegetable juice
In the process of manufacturing bottled fruit and vegetable juice, the manufacturer will also add sodium to the juice to promote the taste of the flavor. Balance about 160 milligrams of sodium per 600 ml of fruit and vegetable juice.
·Preserved fruit
We may not have salty taste when we eat preserved plum. In fact, when processing these preserved fruits, we produce "benefit to eliminate benefits" by sugar and sodium, which makes three tastes of sour, sweet and salty.
·Dried fruit snacks
Nuts are very good for original taste, and they should be eaten less. Because nuts can be made into a variety of flavors today, in fact, the sodium content in nuts is very easy to exceed the standard, a bag of 100 grams of orchid beans contains about 1200 mg of sodium; about 600 mg sodium is found in 50 grams of melon seeds.
Therefore, in eating dry fruit snacks, although eat less, and after eating more white boiled water, to secrete the body of salt.
Jelly is sweet, but the reality also needs to increase sodium to process, every 100 grams of jelly about 30 mg of sodium, eat more will exceed the standard.
In addition to the above snacks, such as cheese, fermentation powder, baking soda, soy sauce, pickle, salad sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, MSG, all contain relatively much sodium, especially MSG, which contains a lot of sodium.
Therefore, in our daily diet, we must learn to pay attention to labels, screen sodium content is low, avoid or reduce sodium intake, can be helpful to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
Write in the very rear:
In addition to mastering sodium intake, the prevention of hypertension should also arouse attention in daily life.
For example, in diet, you can eat more yellow, black and green vegetables, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, dark green vegetables, as well as ears, kelp, etc., which can help reduce blood viscosity and reduce blood viscosity; Usually increase the amount of exercise, exercise the heart and lung effect, can stimulate blood circulation, can soften blood vessels; After very much also should pay attention to drink more water, dilute blood to reduce blood pressure.
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