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A cup of candied fruit, a dish of green bean cake, sit down and slowly experience this simple and fr

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Note: Yunnan is rich in geological types and products, which has been a rich and beautiful land since ancient times. Today I w
 Yunnan is rich in geological types and products, which has been a rich and beautiful land since ancient times. Today I would like to share with you a beautiful ancient city Weishan ancient city.
Weishan ancient city, also known as Menghua City, is the birthplace of Nanzhao ancient country. It was officially built in the 20th year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty and was granted the title of "famous literature state" in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. It is an ancient city with rich history and culture.
The shape of Weishan ancient city is like a giant seal, and the Wenbi building in the middle is a seal handle. It is ancient and has preserved a relatively complete urban pattern of the Ming Dynasty. The houses in the city are basically of Chinese structure, while the houses on both sides of the South and north main axes are complete architectural styles and styles of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Most of the vernacular dwellings are the civil structures of "three squares and one screen wall" and "four in five patios" of Bai nationality.
The streets and alleys in the city are crisscross, with Gongchen tower as the center, and the streets are distributed in the shape of wells. When you look at them, you can see that they are wide and refreshing. Looking from a high altitude, there are rows of tile roofed houses, full of ancient flavor, flowers in the courtyard, and couplets of murals add a strong cultural color to the ancient city.
Weishan people like to raise orchids, so there are many kinds of orchids here, among which new year's Day orchids are the best. It blooms on New Year's day for up to four months. These orchids reflect the ancient city people's simple and fresh living environment, harmonious and natural living atmosphere and elegant aesthetic taste.
Today, the horse Gang passing through the city is still an unforgettable scenery of Weishan ancient city. Those horses are still the main means of transportation for the mountain people outside the county. They came out from the ancient post station in the dense forest in the mountains and continued the prosperity of Nanzhao state.
It's a pleasure to walk around the ancient city of Weishan. There is no such as weaving flow of people here, the noise becomes out of reach, people who are used to the fast pace of the city come to Weishan ancient city, everything seems to become slow and quiet. The people here are so leisurely and simple, with tall ancient city walls, well arranged houses, many interesting shops along the street, and a variety of authentic Bai handicrafts. When you are tired of traveling, you can find a snack bar, taste special preserves, a plate of green bean cake, a bowl of Guoba jelly, and a dish of assorted pickles, Let your taste buds experience the ancient city.
Thousands of years have passed, but the history of the ancient city is accumulating layer upon layer, and finally presents a happy face, old but not old, new but not chaotic, which makes people feel a kind of endless continuation and a kind of breath.
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