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"Wangcheng Youli" cultural tourism commodity competition is coming! Sign up for the compet

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Note: Wangcheng District in 2021Wangcheng Youli cultural tourism commodity competitionIt's on!ifYour productFull of Wangcheng
 Wangcheng District in 2021
"Wangcheng Youli" cultural tourism commodity competition
It's on!
Your product
Full of Wangcheng characteristics
You want your product
As popular as cultural and creative works in the Forbidden City
Come and contribute!
We'll help you get TA out of the way!
In order to cultivate the brand of cultural and tourism products with Wangcheng characteristics, we have launched a number of tourism products with Wangcheng characteristics, such as cultural and creative products, agricultural products, famous snacks, handicrafts and intangible cultural heritage products, so as to better meet the consumption needs of tourists, promote the popularity and influence of Wangcheng tourism company, and stimulate the innovation of cultural and tourism products, To promote the high-quality development of Wangcheng civilization and tourist goods, the "Wangcheng courtesy" cultural and tourism commodity competition in 2021 will be held within the limits of the whole district. The specific plan is as follows:
1、 Activity time
May October 2021
2、 Event title
2021 Wangcheng district "Wangcheng courtesy" cultural tourism commodity competition
3、 Tectonic unit
Organizer: Wangcheng District Bureau of civilized tourism, radio, television and sports
Co sponsored units: District Agricultural Tunzi Bureau, district industry and Information Technology Bureau, District Commerce Bureau, district environmental trend supervision and Economic Management Bureau, Wangcheng Economic Development Zone Furniture Development Bureau, Wangcheng National Agricultural Science Park, district financial media center, and tourist industry associations of various streets and towns and Wangcheng district
4、 Collection content
The commodities are divided into four categories: agricultural products, local snacks, intangible cultural heritage crafts and handicrafts, and cultural and creative products.
Agricultural products: refers to the agricultural and sideline products or processed products produced in the hinterland of Wangcheng District, including fresh agricultural and sideline products and processed agricultural and sideline products, such as eggs, rice, oil, waxed products, tea, wine, etc.
Local snacks: refers to the traditional food which is easy to wear and retain, rich in Wangcheng characteristics, and can be eaten simply or after simple heating, including liqueur, pastry, Ciba, dried fruit, preserves, bean products, instant meat products, etc.
Intangible cultural heritage crafts and handicrafts: refers to the intangible cultural heritage products, arts and crafts, and various commodities needed in daily life, which are rich in the civilization characteristics and civilization energy of the city, and have weird production processes, skills, inheritance experience and artistic connotation, including paper arts, ceramics, carving arts, bamboo arts, cloth arts, lacquerware, printmaking and other handicrafts.
Cultural and creative products: refers to the cultural and creative products that not only have the distinctive local characteristics of Wangcheng, but also keep up with the tide of the times, integrate the elements of contemporary science and technology, apply creative ideas, take the traditional raw materials as the carrier, and create with the inevitable civilization connotation, artistic cost and aesthetic implication.
Note: previous national, provincial, municipal and other tourist goods awards, weight more than 10kg, unit price more than 3000 yuan (RMB) / piece of tourist goods are not included in this selection.
5、 Collection tools
The enterprises involved in this activity must be registered enterprises in Wangcheng district. The manufacturing units or individuals of agricultural products, local snacks, intangible cultural heritage crafts and handicrafts, cultural and creative products and other sightseeing commodities can register for the competition.
6、 How to run for election
Applicants will send the following application materials to the designated email (wcwlsp 163. Com) for registration:
1. Scanned application form
2. Commodity display pictures: there are 5 to 10 commodity display pictures, which require JPG pattern, the size is not less than 1920 pixels * 1080 pixels, the size is 3m-5m, and the content is clear; In order to ensure the display results, each picture should only contain one product (except package products), and the set is pure and the theme is raised, it is recommended to submit the product display picture taken by the solid color set
3. Scanned copies of business license, manufacturing permit, planning permit, product registration number, quality inspection report, compulsory certification and other enterprise talents
4. Food manufacturing permit, industrial manufacturing permit, food planning permit, small workshop permit, scanning copy of non pollution, green, organic, landmark and other certification talents within the useful period, and scanning copy of product patent certificate shall be provided if the product is patented
5. Scanned copies of national, provincial and municipal reputation certificates and award-winning certificates
6. Product display video (optional): 1 to 3 segments of product display video. The product display video requires MP4 pattern, resolution no less than 1920 * 1080, duration of 1-5 minutes, stable lens, clear picture, and video content wrapping product characteristic report.
7、 Selection method
In line with the principles of publicity, fairness and justice, Wangcheng District Bureau of civilized tourism, radio, television and sports, Wangcheng District Bureau of agriculture, Wangcheng District Bureau of industry and information technology, Wangcheng District Bureau of Commerce, Wangcheng District Bureau of environmental trend supervision and economic management, Wangcheng economic and Technological Development Zone, Wangcheng National Agricultural Science Park, Wangcheng District zhouzhouli street and other units launched related industry associations, media and other channels, Widely solicit entries; The organizers will construct an associated platform, and experts, scholars and associated owners will conduct two rounds of evaluation on all the entries. The results of the evaluation will be released to the public through the associated media.
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