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Tang Lushun: Beiping candied fruit

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Note:   北平的蜜饯,跟台湾可不同样。北平蜜饯,诚然种类没有台湾多,不过山楂红得像胭脂、海棠黄得如蜜腊,甭说吃,瞧着都痛快。有
The preserved fruits in Peiping are different from those in Taiwan. It is true that there are fewer kinds of preserved fruits in Peiping than in Taiwan, but hawthorn is as red as rouge, and Begonia is as yellow as wax. Let alone eat them, they are happy to watch. There is a kind of mountain fruit called Wenpu, which is a specialty of Beiping Xishan. It is the size of a cherry. It is a meaningful product specially made for candied fruit. On March 9, there is a snowflake in the sky. You go down to the small restaurant with about three friends, and let the waiter have a warm and plain cabbage heart first. The honey dyes the cabbage heart pink. It's really possible to say that it has both color and flavor, absolutely.
It is true that there are also stores selling candied fruits in Peiping, but most of them are sold by the fruit Bureau. In the past, several Shanghai antique tycoons went to Beiping to visit biebao. When they returned to Shanghai, they said that there were three things in Beiping that Shanghai could not compete with: the first was the collection of the Forbidden City in Beiping, the second was the hospitality of friends in restaurants, tea shops and silk shops, and the third was the style of pomp in the fruit Bureau. That's really a good point. The candied fruits in the fruit bureau are all placed in a three foot square white blue flower sea bowl, half of which is covered with elm red paint, and half of which is a thick glass plate. If you visit relatives and friends, he has a free green glazed sand jar, which costs little and is not shabby. As soon as I eat Yilan golden dates in Taiwan, I don't know, and I don't know, I think of Peiping preserved fruit Wen PU.
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