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Throw it in the porridge to moisten the lungs, stop coughing and prevent constipation. Even the cold

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Note:   秋季补肺是环节,很多人会选定吃白色的食物来滋补肺气。  在这些益肺的食物中心,杏仁短长常好的选定。  尤为是针对秋冬
In autumn, lung nourishing is a link. Many people will choose to eat white food to nourish lung qi.
In these lung benefiting food centers, almonds are always good choices.
Especially for the respiratory tract discomfort symptoms that are common in autumn and winter, the predecessors strongly recommended almonds.
Take the classic work of traditional Chinese medicine "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" as an example, the shadow of almonds can be seen everywhere.
As one of the medicines with the same origin of medicine and food, we can also nourish the lung qi by eating almonds to alleviate the discomfort of body in autumn and winter.
Two Achievements of Almond
People who eat almond porridge are often confused by its strong fragrance.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that almonds have the advantages of relieving cough, relieving asthma, moistening intestines and relieving constipation.
According to the book "Seeking Truth from Materia Medica", "Almonds have the ability to dissipate cold, and have the power to expel asthma. If they are bitter, they can dispel evil, if they are bitter, they can expel qi, if they are moist, they can relieve constipation, and if they are warm, they can promote phlegm."
The Outline of Materia Medica says: "Almonds can disperse and reduce energy, so they can relieve muscle, dissipate wind, lower qi, moisturize dryness, and eliminate accumulation."
According to contemporary research, almonds contain rich flavonoids and polyphenols, which can not only reduce the cholesterol content in the human body, but also significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and many chronic diseases.
In addition, almonds also contain albumen, almond oil, volatile oil, mineral resources and other ingredients.
It is concluded from pharmacological tests that almonds can relieve cough, relieve pain, resist blood clotting, and have antioxidant, antithrombotic and blood lipid benefits. The vitamins, phosphorus and other trace elements contained in almonds have a great effect on improving brain nutrition, and have the results of brain tonic.
In addition, almonds have other beauty achievements, which can stimulate the skin micro cycle and make the skin ruddy and shiny.
There is a small poison in almond
The almonds we usually eat are also called southern almonds and sweet almonds. They are non-toxic, nourishing, and have the effects of moistening the lungs, relieving cough, and smoothing the intestines. They have certain relieving benefits for dry cough without phlegm, and chronic cough due to lung deficiency.
The common almond dew, almond cake and almond cake are all based on sweet almonds.
However, in the single prescription, the north almond and bitter almond are used as medicine. These almonds are small, bitter and contain a large number of hydrocyanic acid. These materials have strong cough relieving effects, but also have toxicity. They can block the respiratory chain of cells, and excessive consumption can easily cause sudden death due to hypoxia.
Because the bitter almond has a remarkable effect on the symptoms of phlegm, cough, asthma and so on caused by cold and cold, and the medical cost is very high.
However, when using bitter almonds, it is necessary to follow the doctor's advice. The best guarantee is less than 6 grams per day, which can not only promote the benefits of lung tonic and cough relieving, but also has less toxicity.
As for sweet almond, its medicinal property is similar to that of bitter almond, but its medicinal power is weaker, its medicinal power is slower, and its safety is higher, so it is more suitable for food consumption.
Sweet Almond Recipe
Congee with Almond, Lily and Pear
Material: 6g almond, 15g lily, 150g fresh pear, 150g japonica rice.
Method: wash and dice fresh pear; Peel and sharpen almonds; Clean lily; Clean the japonica rice by washing. Put some water into the pot, add the lily, almond and japonica rice, boil them over the fire, stir them, and cook them gently. Then put the diced duck pears into the pot, stir them and cook them. The porridge can be cooked into pears.
Efficacy: This porridge has the effect of nourishing yin, moistening lung, clearing heat and relieving asthma. It is suitable for people with dry lung and yin deficiency cough, dry mouth and dry throat.
Congee with Almond and Walnut Kernel
Material: 6g almond, 30g walnut kernel, 150g rice, proper amount of honey.
Practice: Peel almonds and crush them with walnuts; The rice is washed clean. Put proper amount of water into the pot, add rice to boil, add almonds and walnuts, and boil them into porridge over a short fire. When the porridge is slightly cool, add honey.
Efficacy: This medicinal porridge has the effect of lowering lung, relieving cough, moistening intestines and relieving constipation. It is suitable for people with cough, expectoration and constipation.
Almond spinach
Materials: 60g sweet almonds, 150g spinach, sesame oil, salt, MSG, white vinegar, garlic, sugar, and dry red pepper.
How to do it: stir fry the almonds until they are ripe and crisp, pat them gently with the back of the knife, and set them aside; Rinse spinach and blanch for standby; Chop the dried red pepper and garlic. Heat up the oil in a small pot and pour it into the chopped dry red pepper. Then pour vinegar, salt and sugar into a bowl of juice. Pour the bowl of juice into spinach and mix well. Finally, add almond chips and sesame oil. Mix a few times before serving.
Efficacy: This medicated diet has the achievements of nourishing blood and beauty, relieving asthma, moistening intestines and relieving constipation. It is suitable for people with dry skin, colorless complexion, hot lungs, cough, dry intestines and constipation.
Scrambled Egg with Almond
Material: 30g sweet almond slices, 300g balsam pear, 3 eggs, oil, salt and sugar in proper amount.
Practice: wash balsam pear, cut it from the center to remove the flesh, cut it into thin slices, blanch it with boiling water for 2 minutes, and drain for standby. Knock the eggs, pour them into a bowl, add less salt, and mix the egg mixture for standby. In a small hot pot, stir fry almond slices with proper amount of oil, set aside; Heat a pot, add some oil, add balsam pear, add some salt and sugar, stir fry until soft, add egg liquid, push it from the edge to the center with a shovel, enter almond slice, stir fry it for a few times, and wait for the egg to become a piece.
Efficacy: This medicated diet has the effects of clearing away heat, relieving digestion, appetizing, relieving cough and moistening intestines.
Sweet almond cake
Ingredients: 6g almond, 48g low gluten flour, 24g fine granulated sugar, 15g whole egg liquid, 24g olive oil, 0.9g baking powder, 0.6g soda powder.
Practice: smash almonds with a holding machine; Pour in olive oil; Add in fine granulated sugar, 12g of whole egg liquid (leave 3g of cake surface), and stir slightly; Sift in low gluten flour, baking powder and baking soda; Pour in the crushed almond powder and mix it into a ball; At the same time, preheat the oven at 180 ° high and low fire; Take a proper amount of it, knead it, flatten it, and put it on the baking tray. Pay attention to the necessary partition; Brush each cake with a layer of whole egg liquid; Put it into the middle layer of the oven, the high and low fire configuration is 180 degrees, and the time configuration is 20 minutes; In the last few minutes, pay attention to the environment in the oven. The biscuit surface can be golden.
Efficacy: This drug point has the effect of moistening the lung and relieving cough. It is suitable for people with chronic tracheitis and cough due to lung deficiency.
Double kernel candied fruit
Ingredients: 90g fried sweet almonds, 150g fried walnuts, 300g honey.
Practice: put the fried almonds into a copper pot, add a small amount of water, boil for 1 hour, then add walnuts, and collect the juice; Add honey to the pot when it is dry, mix well until it boils down.
Efficacy: This drug point has the achievements of tonifying the kidney, benefiting the lung, moisturizing and beautifying the skin. It is suitable for people with chronic cough due to lung and kidney deficiency, waist and foot pain due to kidney deficiency, intestinal dryness and constipation, and dry skin.
Almond cookies
Ingredients: 150g sweet almonds, 200g glutinous rice flour.
Seasoning: tomato sauce and white sugar.
Method: Add water to sweet almonds and put them into a food destroying machine to process them into mud. Pour almond paste into glutinous rice flour, add some warm water, sugar and dough to make small round cakes. Put cooking oil in the pot. When the oil is 60% hot, put the small round cake into the pot and fry it into golden yellow on both sides. Pour tomato sauce into the plate and serve.
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