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Pay close attention to the source rectification and keep the safety bottom line. Qingzhou held a spe

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Note: In order to improve the safety level of preserved fruit food in Qingzhou City and promote the healthy development of pre
 In order to improve the safety level of preserved fruit food in Qingzhou City and promote the healthy development of preserved fruit industry, Qingzhou Market Supervision Bureau carried out special rectification on the product quality of preserved fruit food production enterprises and established six inspection teams. Since November 15, 159 preserved fruit production enterprises have been inspected in 10 days, 68 have been ordered to correct, and more than 30 problems in 8 categories have been sorted out.
On the afternoon of November 25, Qingzhou held a meeting to promote the special rectification of product quality of preserves food production enterprises, summarized the preliminary special rectification work, and arranged and deployed the next tasks and measures. Food safety is both a lifeline and a high-voltage line. All candied fruit production enterprises should earnestly shoulder the main responsibility, abandon the traditional backward habits, improve and transform the production workshop, standardize the production process, strengthen personnel management, and strictly grasp product quality and food safety. We should accelerate the co construction of laboratory projects, and enterprises without inspection ability should join the co construction of laboratories to realize batch sample delivery inspection and reduce the number of unqualified products. Next, Qingzhou Market Supervision Bureau will continue to carry out rectification and improvement actions, continue to organize six inspection teams to carry out the second round of special inspection, look back from time to time, and strictly control and severely punish those who fail to make rectification in place within the specified time limit and fail to pass the sampling inspection according to law.
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