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Can we continue to eat the candied fruit

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 We should all know that the shelf life of fresh fruits is relatively short. The fruit will rot and rot after too long. In order to solve this problem, some people specially make fruits into various kinds of dried fruits, such as raisins. The common grapes usually go bad after three or four days when they buy them. But raisins won't, because the dried fruit has high sugar content, and sugar can just resist the invasion of bacteria. So the storage time is very long. But now dried fruit is no longer for better storage, but to get a unique taste, so that consumers like it.
Normally speaking, direct sun drying and dehydration of fruits will not cause too much impact on the fruits themselves. However, many dried fruits on the market are sun dried on the surface, but when we taste them, we know that most of these dried fruits are added with other substances, which completely has no flavor of the fruits themselves, such as our common preserves. Candied fruit is often used as fruit flavor products to eat, many candied fruit are very sweet to eat, but also sweet to greasy, sweet to fat, such candied fruit in the end can not eat? Nutritionist said: eating candied fruit is better than eating sugar directly.
In fact, the production process of candied fruit is not complicated. First of all, remove the core from the fresh fruit, then rinse it for many times and then dry it in the sun. Finally, soak it in the high concentration of sugar and other pickling solution for a long time, and then dry it in the sun to get the candied fruit. After such high-intensity processing, the preserved fruit will lose a lot of nutrition, but people will not have too much problem eating it. But now many preserved fruit will add various sweeteners, preservatives or colorants before packaging, so as to increase the taste and appearance of the preserved fruit, and the amount of them is still very large, When we eat preserves, we will eat them all. We can imagine the harm it will bring us.
Nutritionists say that compared with fresh fruits, candied fruits not only have great changes in taste, but also lose a lot of nutrition. In particular, the main vitamin components in fruits have basically disappeared. For example, vitamin C has been completely destroyed. Moreover, candied fruits generally go through a high degree of saccharification production process, resulting in a high sugar content on the whole, In this way, candied fruit tastes very sweet. Some people like sweet food and will especially like it. But in fact, it has no most of the nutritional value, and will consume a lot of sugar and additives, even too much preservatives. Long term consumption may increase the burden of detoxification, cause liver and kidney damage, and there are many potential harm to human body.
Can the preserved fruit be eaten? Food is edible. When snacks can be eaten in an appropriate amount, but because of too many processing processes, too many additives are put in, especially the good-looking, antiseptic and high sugar preserves. Eat as little as possible.
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